A world-class manufacturer and supplier of Agro-Industrial Machineries, Equipment-Parts and Components.


Provide globally competitive Agro-Industrial Machineries, Equipment, Pats and Service that would improve the quality of living of stakeholders/end-users.


  • Capture substantial market share and earn beneficial return.
  • Upgrade and develop competencies of work force to ensure efficient and effective delivery of service.
  • To complement the government Argo-Industrialization Program.
  • —EMC was institutionalized in 2017 through a board resolution approved in 2016.
  • —2017 and 2018 no budget allocated to the center despite of each approval to received 500 thousand pesos per year to be qualified as a center.
  • Activities of the center were sustained through the externally funded research.
  • —Activities of the center were sustained through the externally funded research
  • —Serves as research and development center for metals, engineering and machinery related researches.
  • —Serves as fabrication center for prototype machines developed by EMC members, researchers, faculty members, students, and other stakeholders.
  • —Place for conducting engineering and metals-related trainings/seminars.
  • —Serves as fabricator/supplier of agro-industrial machines and machine parts that are not available in the market.
No.  of Ongoing Researches1
No. of Completed researches1
No of Publications (ISI, Scopus)1
No of Approved Patents9
No of Linkages/MOA established2
No of technologies adopted/commercialized4
No of faculty involved2
Total amount generated from external sources5.55M