The University’s Admission and Retention Policies are subject to the provisions of the RA 10931 known as the “Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017”.


In accordance to Section 4 of the Act, All Filipino students who are either currently enrolled at the time of its effectivity, or shall enroll at any time thereafter, may avail of the exemption from paying tuition and other school fees for units enrolled, in courses leading to a bachelor’s degree in any SUC and LUC.

Opened to everyone who are willing to take their journey in the academe, the University follows standardized procedures that are needed to be met in order to be officially admitted in its premises.



Program with Licensure Exam

Program without Licensure Exam

SHS Card Rating


at least 85%

at least 75%

College Admission Test (CAT)



no specific rating required

Interview (College level)


General Weighted



at least 50%

at least 40%



  1. Other requirements/ criteria prescribed by the PSG/CMO of the program and the concerned college may be applied.
  2. A quota system based on ranking of all applicants shall be implemented depending on the number of sections to be offered for first year.
  3. 20% of the qualified first year students per program belongs to the disadvantage applicants (low income, student with disabilities and ethnic/minority groups)
  4. At least 75% of the admitted students fall under the bottom 20% of household groups will graduate on time.



  1. Report Card (Form 138)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  3. Photocopy of Diploma
  4. Two (2) copies of 2×2 ID Picture with while background and name tag
  5. Philippine Statistic Authority Authenticated copy of Birth Certificate
  6. Other requirements prescribed by the College or Department, CHED, PRC as deemed necesssary
  7. Long Brown Folder


  1. Certification of Grades showing all the subjects taken from the school attended;
  2. Honorable Dismissal;
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character;
  4. Four (4) copies of 2×2 ID picture with white background and name tag (scanned picture or digital copy not accepted);
  5. Authenticated PSA copy of Birth Certificate;
  6. Accomplished Substitution Form of subjects taken from other SUCs as deemed necessary; and
  7. Accomplished Validation Form of subjects taken from non-SUCs.

Foreign Students

  1. University Admission Test/College Admission Test;
  2. Passport/ Valid Student Visa/ Student Study Permit/ Student Visa Conversion;
  3. Four (4) copies of 2×2 colored ID picture;
  4. Student permit – certification from the embassy of the country of origin of the    student’s eligibility to study in the Philippines;
  5. Two (2) copies of affidavit of support or certification from a reputable bank in the applicant’s country of origin about his/her capability to finance travel, educational, personal and other expenses that are expected to be incurred while staying in the Philippines;
  6. Authenticated copy of birth certificate;
  7. Certificate of completion of a secondary curriculum or its equivalent (Authenticated TOR from the school/university graduated in the home country);
  8. Certificate of degree equivalency (as applicable) issued by the ministry of education in the applicant’s country;
  9. Certificate of good moral character issued by the last school attended;
  10. Security clearance from the Philippine Embassy;
  11. Alien Certification of Registration (ARC);
  12. Statement of Personal History;
  13. English Proficiency Test score. For test of English as a foreign language (TOFEL) is equivalent to at least a score of 80 or a band score of at least 5.0 in an International English Language Testing System (IELTS);
  14. Medical certificate and drug test result;
  15. Application fee (non-refundable);
  16. Certifications from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Bureau of Immigration (BI).

Note: All incoming freshmen and transferee students must comply with additional requirements and pass the following:

  1. Entrance / admission test administered by the Office of Student Affairs and Services.
  2. Interview of the screening committee of the college.
  3. Medical and dental examination administered by the University.

tracking admission for Disadvantaged applicants

Isabela State University (ISU) is an educational institution of higher learning and one of the implementers of Republic Act 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act with goals i.e. to help students have an access to quality education and; to increase the participation rate among all socio-economic classes especially for poor but academically able and highly motivated students. In 2022, the university has a total population of 39, 563 students from both undergraduate and graduate programs wherein 37,729 of them had free tuition and other miscellaneous fees. From the total enrollees, 31,063 students belong to lower middle class which accounts to a majority of 78.52%. To ensure that these students have the necessary support to succeed academically and to graduate on time, the university implemented several initiaves and programs such as offering other scholarship opportunities, free access to wi-fi, free transport bikes, mentoring and counseling services, access to resources and facilities, student assistant program, student loan program, seminars and trainings and community engagement (curricular and extra-curricular activities). (Download PDF: List)