The University strongly adheres to a credible, competent, and responsive leadership. For this purpose, the students are encouraged to organize and actively participate in any or various duly recognized student organizations.

The Student Organization Unit of the Office of Student Affairs and Services serves as the coordinating center of the University. The specific promulgation policies and guidelines governing student organizations form part of Appendix E.

Establishment and Operation

The establishment and operation of any student organization in the campus, or in the colleges/departments shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the Office of Student Affairs and Services such as the following:

1.  Authority to Operate

Student organizations shall have to be duly recognized by the OSAS before they can operate or conduct activities.

2.  Supervision of Student Activities

It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Student Affairs and Services and the Chief of Student Organizations to supervise all the activities of all duly recognized student organizations.

3.  Application for Recognition

a. New Organization

Any group of at least fifteen (15) students may apply to the OSAS to form an organization. The letter of application shall be accompanied by the following:

a.1. Constitution and By-Laws;

a.1. List of elected officers and members for the current year;

a.2. Proposed program of activities and projects;

a.3. Names of three (3) Faculty or Employees with their letter of acceptance as advisers to be submitted to the Director of OSAS.

b.  Renewal of recognized organizations/clubs

To be eligible for renewal, the organization shall submit all the requirements including accomplishment reports of the preceding school year of operation.

c.  Conditions for non-recognition/non-renewal of a student organization:

c.1. Requirements for recognition and/or renewal are not met;

c.2. Sanction is still in force;

c.3. Failure to       meet        the       deadline         for       filing of recognition/renewal set by the OSAS.

4.  Certificate of Recognition

The recognition of a student organization shall be a pre-condition for its operation in the University. A corresponding Certificate of Recognition shall be issued by the OSAS upon the recommendation of the Dean of the College where the organization operates. However, such certificate shall only be effective for one (1) school year subject for renewal every school year.

5.  Membership

Membership to an organization shall be determined by the organization itself as embodied in its constitution and by-laws.

6.  Qualification of Candidates

Election procedures and filing of candidacy for any position in any organization shall be in conformity with the provisions of its constitution.

7.  Conduct of Student Activities

All organizations shall be required to file an Activity Permit within five (5) working days before their scheduled activity with complete attachments such as the action plan, communications, training proposal/ activity proposal and program or invitation.

8.  Nature of Activity

Organizations are encouraged to conduct relevant activities which are focused on the following areas: educational, religious/moral, social, cultural, entrepreneurial, environmental, financial matters, etc.



Definition of Terms

Interest Clubs. These are small groups of students who are joined by their common interests and specializations such as English Club, Math Club, Science Club, etc.

Recognized Student Organization. It is an entity composed of members duly recognized by proper authorities after compliance with prescribed requirements. A recognized student organization is given permission to conduct activities within the university premises.

Student Body Organization. It is a student government organization which is mandatory in nature and whose members are bonafide students of the college where they are currently enrolled.

Supreme Student Council. It is a student government organization which stands as the highest governing body of students in the campus.

Supreme Student Council Federation. It is the umbrella and the highest governing body organization of all student councils.

Policies for the Recognition and Renewal of Student Organization

  1. A certificate of recognition and/or renewal shall be issued to the organization and announced/ disseminated by the OSAS only upon evaluation of its Constitution and by-laws, other requirements and program of activities that do not violate any policy of the university and the fundamental law of the land.
  2. Any organization that does not renew its registration shall be automatically considered illegitimate.
  3. Any organization granted recognition and/or renewal but violated its own statement of purpose and its by- laws or failed to comply with the university policies is subject to the revocation of its certificate of recognition after a thorough investigation by the Chief of Student Organization and with the approval of the Director of OSAS.

Guidelines for the Conduct of Student Activities

For activities to be held either inside or outside the campus, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. Secure and submit in triplicate a duly accomplished Activity Permit for the approval of the Director/Chief OSAS;
  2. Implement proposed activities in line with the vision and mission of the University;
  3. Penalize non-participating members in student activities, the nature of which shall be determined by the concerned organization duly supported by a resolution. If fine is imposed, it should not exceed fifty pesos (P 50.00) per day; and
  4. Conduct activities not within one week before the Midterm and Final

Requirements for Student Activities

a. Fund Raising Activities

An organization shall accomplish the following:

a.1. Request letter stating the nature, purpose, date, time and venue of the activity;

a.2. Statement of projected income and expenses;

a.3. Manner in which the fund shall be used; and

a.4. Names of students directly in-charge of the fund-raising

b. Raffles conducted on campus for fund raising shall be governed by the following rules:

b.1. Application to conduct raffle shall be filed at the OSAS at least one (1) month before the said activity;

b.2. The application shall indicate the prizes, price per ticket, date, place and time of the raffle;

b.3. A time limit of one month shall be allowed for any organization to raffle off the prizes. Any extension of time shall be approved by the OSAS; and

b.4. The list of winners shall be posted on bulletin boards all over the campus.

c. Solicitation letters shall be signed by the president of the student organization, the adviser, and the Director/Chief of the OSAS. Solicitation letters and solicited funds or merchandise shall be systematically controlled and monitored.

d. For Symposia/Lectures/Seminar workshops/Trainings, the following are the requirements in the conduct of the said activities:

d.1. Training design;

d.2. Speakers’ profile or bio-data;

d.3. Copy of the program; and

d.4. Outline of Topic/s