These are programs and activities designed for the enhancement and deepening of leadership skills and social responsibility, which include Student Organizations and Activities, Professional organization or societies, special interests, leadership training programs, student council/government, Student Discipline/Government, student discipline, Student Publication/media.


1. Student Activities – supervision, recognition, and monitoring of student organizations and their activities such as leadership programs, student publication, student organizations, sports development, volunteerism, peer helper program, etc.

2. Student Organizations and Activities – refer to the recognition/accreditation, supervision and monitoring of student groups including the evaluation of their activities.

3. Leadership Training – are programs and opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and student organizations.

4. Student Council/Government – refers to the student body duly organized and elected at large by the students themselves, with due recognition and authority from the university, as the students’ official representative in matters affecting them.

5. Student Discipline – refers to the judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations governing student behavior and conduct.

6. Student Publication/Yearbook – refers to the official publication/organ/journal/yearbook and such other student-oriented print and non-print media of the university and/or college.



These are programs and activities offered by the university to facilitate the delivery of essential services to the students that include admission, scholarship and financial assistance, food, health and security, housing and residential services, multi-faith, foreign/international students, services for students with special needs and other programs such as: culture and arts, sports, social and community involvement.

A. Admission Services. These are services that take care of the processing of students’ entrance and requirements.

B. Services for Students with Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities. These are programs and activities designed to provide equal opportunities to Persons with Disabilities, indigenous peoples, solo parents, etc. (academic accommodation for learners with special needs like left-handed students must be provided with armchair in the classroom suited to their condition).

C. Library Services. The library, being the repository of knowledge of the University, provides and supports the instructional, research and curricular needs of students.

D. Health Services. The university medical and dental services shall be headed by the University Physician who is in-charge of the health needs of students and University personnel and staff. The University Physician, together with the Dentists and Nurses, shall conduct a medical-dental examination to all new students as a requirement for admission. Medical and dental consultation and treatment may be availed of anytime during school days. The first dosage of medicines is given free as long as stocks are available. Dental extraction and prophylaxis are included in the dental services.

E. Multi-faith Services. The University provides an environment conducive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional principles and policies.

F. Student Housing and Residential Services. The University provides housing facilities which shall be equipped and maintained at an affordable price. Separate dormitories for male and female occupants are managed by dormitory matrons who supervise as well as extend counseling services to all dormitory occupants. This unit is also in-charge of regular monitoring of private boarding houses outside the campus.

G. Food Services. The University leases spaces for canteens or cafeterias which provide meals, snacks, school supplies, and grocery items at reasonable prices. The University, through the Medical Unit, monitors the sanitation and safety of the foods served.

H. Sports and Socio-Cultural Services. The University acknowledges the need of students to become physically and socially active and competent individuals through sports and socio – cultural activities hence, it implements and encourages programs and activities for the holistic development of students.

I. Safety and Security Services. The Security provides safety and security to all students, University staff and personnel and university properties. It enforces traffic rules and regulations and maintains peace and order within the campus.

J. Social and Community Involvement Programs. The university provides programs and opportunities designed to develop social awareness, personal internalization, and meaningful contribution to nation-building.

K. Foreign/International Student Services. The university helps address the needs of foreign students.

L. Scholarships and Financial Assistance Services (SFAS). The University offers several scholarship and assistance programs to deserving students. The selection of grantees is in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the university and the sponsoring agencies.