We conduct our affairs with due diligence, care, and thoughtful engagement in the pursuit of excellence in our academic, research & development and extension services.


We shall consistently engage the public, mobilizing their participation in our programs and services. We shall seek their voice, recognize its needs, and mobilize their expertise for a sustained and continuing programs and services improvement.


We put prime value on our living planet. We accept the responsibility, adopt practices to protect the environment, and be made accountable for our action.


We recognize that working with the University is a unique opportunity and privilege. We acknowledge that our office is a public trust and as such we shall conduct our engagements with the strongest sense of responsibility and submit ourselves accountable to the public and to Almighty God.


We strongly recognize that societal problems are not isolated – in fact, multifaceted
and appropriately addressed through the deployment of multidisciplinary teams in a collaborative synergy in order to ensure efficiency, innovation, and productivity.


We shall constantly seek for more effective and yet most economical ways of pursuing our vision and mission and goals amidst limited resources.


We shall constantly seek for new and innovative ways of doing things. Contribute to solving current as well as emerging problems of society. We believe that innovation is the key to our competitiveness in the world.


We believe in the value of respect and subscribe to the highest ethical standards of honesty, fairness, truth and justice in all our engagements and as we pursue our mission and vision.