Students shall strictly observe the laws of the land and the rules and regulations of the University. All students shall uphold the academic integrity which states that, “All persons involved in the educational programs and services of the University as student, teacher, researcher, staff, or academic administrator shall uphold honesty and integrity in their academic activities at all times.” In this regard, students shall avoid acts such as falsification, cheating, plagiarism, deceit, misinterpretation, and fabrication of facts and records, bribery, and all forms of dishonesty.


ISU students are expected to observe the Code of Conduct at all times.

Article I. General Behavior

All students shall:

Section 1. Observe proper decorum and appearance in accordance with university policies;

Section 2. Wear the prescribed uniform and identification card upon entering and while inside the campus;

Section 3. Not be allowed to bring inside the university premises objects, pictures and literatures that are subversive and morally offensive;

Section 4. Not be allowed to enter the university premises under the influence of liquor, drugs, and other prohibited substances;

Section 5. Not be allowed to engage in any form of gambling like lottery, or any other schematic activities which enforce monetary and material contributions;

Section 6. Not be allowed to bring inside the university premises any explosive materials, deadly weapons and other threatening materials;

Section 7. Respect the Philippine Flag, the National Anthem, their teachers, and all officials and employees of the university;

Section 8. Be respectful and be proper in their conduct by refraining from using languages and acts that are disgraceful, vulgar, and indecent, which may cause or tend to disturb other students;

Section 9. Not be allowed to vandalize, damage/destroy any university properties or materials but rather help in preserving and protecting them;

Section 10. Not be allowed to commit any form of littering or unsanitary acts within the university premises;

Section 11. Not be allowed to disturb classes and academic functions in any manner. Electronic gadget/s such as cell phones, tablets, music players should be shut off or be switched to silent mode during class hours and during other school functions and gatherings;

Section 12. Not be allowed to commit any form of dishonesty like cheating and falsification/forgery of any document;

Section 13. Not be allowed to organize and maintain any form of unauthorized barricade or obstruction to any entrance or exit of the university or to prevent, coerce, or threaten other students and employees of the university from entering to or going out of the campus;

Section 14. Not be allowed to be involved in fraternities and sororities using coercion, hazing, physical harm, or inflictions to fellow students;

Section 15. Not be allowed to smoke within the university premises;

Section 16. Refrain from public display of affection, intimacy and act of lasciviousness;

Section 17. Not be allowed to pierce any parts of their body to wear studs or earrings particularly male students while in the university; and

Section 18. Have neatly-done and well-groomed, hair dyed must be shade of brown.

Article II. Classroom Behavior

All students shall:

Section 1. Always display courtesy at all times and give due respect to any faculty inside the classroom;

Section 2. Enter and leave the room quietly with permission from the instructor/professor;

Section 3. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of their classroom; and

Section 4. Observe silence during examinations and while important activities are being conducted. Any form of noise not conducive in the facilitation of learning inside the class shall not be allowed.

Article III. Behavior of Students in the Use of School Facilities

Section 1. All students shall be prohibited from bringing inside the computer laboratory unauthorized software and program which contains virus, including downloading of programs without any permission from the instructor.

Section 2. All students shall secure library card to avail of different library services and must abide by the rules and regulations of the library. Library users shall at all times observe proper conduct. Smoking, eating, drinking, making unnecessary noise, loud conversations, and mutilation of library materials, and equipment in the library premises are strictly prohibited.

Section 3. All students shall not be allowed to loiter, create any form of disturbances and shall always keep stairways and corridors and the campus vicinity free from obstructions.

Article IV. Behavior of Students Outside the Campus

Section 1. All bonafide students of the University wearing the prescribed university uniform, shall at all times refrain from committing acts that cause embarrassment and disgrace to the university such acts include, but not limited, to the following:

1.1. Public display of affection or intimacy;

1.2. Drunkenness;

1.3. Disturbance of public peace and order due to the influence of drugs or other harmful substances and also carrying of firearms and other deadly weapons; and

1.4. Unruly and boisterous behaviour.

Article V. Student Attire

Section 1. Students shall wear their prescribed school uniform at all times.

Section 2. P.E./NSTP/Organization uniforms shall only be worn during designated schedules.

Section 3. Any indecent outfit such as, but not limited to: plunging necklines, see-through, backless, mini-skirts or shorts, tight fitted pants, tattered pants shall not be allowed.