Administrative Building. Strategically located in the Main Campus at Echague, Isabela, the Isabela State University Administrative Building serves as the administrative seat of the University and supervises its major operations. It houses the Office of the University President including the offices of the Top Management and University Officials.

Academic Buildings. Primary serving as the teaching-learning hub, the academic buildings comprise most of building units among ISU campuses. They are designed to accommodate learning conducive environment and a safe space for every ISUan.

R&D Facilities. State-of-the-art research laboratories strategically positioned within campus premises offer a defining experience in the research culture of the University. These are where researchers and students explore the world of science and apply theoretical learnings to practice and translate innovations that bear solutions to real-world problems.

Health Facilities. ISU is a community inside and is therefore complete with first-aid/primary healthcare with its University Infirmary. Ensuring the health and well-being of every ISUan, the University packs together primary healthcare services for preventative care among other health-related information.


Multipurpose Buildings. The University allocates learning conducive spaces to multidisciplinary engagements of its students. The University Amphitheater, ISU Open Gymnasium, De Venecia Hall, and Student Plaza are open spaces for students to hold various programs, sporting events, among other activities. The University also makes them available to the public for public services purposes, social gatherings, and community events. Interested and promising groups outside the University may course through an official transaction for the proper use of spaces and chart schedules based on the availability of use.