Mandate of the Office

As the University gears to be the leading University in the instructional delivery, the Office of the Vice President for Academic and Related Affairs continuously improve, design, and support the implementation of innovative, relevant, and diverse curricular programs to foster excellent University academic services.

In meeting this, the Office assures the rationalization of Academic Programs in order to broaden access to quality program offerings, that also serves as a means to the promotion of program quality standards. It also works for the enhancement of Quality Assurance (QA) through Outcomes-based and Typology-based Quality Assurance that would carry a modernized ISU education.

University Directors

University Director for Instruction Dr. Helen C. Ramos
University Director for Student Affairs and Services Engr. Edmundo A. Obiña
University Director for Medical and Dental Services Dr. Pastor V. Lopez
University Director for Admission and Registration Dr. Ambrocia A. Gaffud
University Director for National Service Training Program Dr. Juanito A. Atiwag
University Director for Culture and the Arts Dr. Elizabeth H. Alonzo
University Director for Sports Dr. Francisco L. Antalan, Jr.
University Director for Library Services Ms. Ruby A. Lumaban
University Director for Competency Assessment and Training Center Dr. Danilo R. Piñera