Every student shall:

1. Love God, country, and his/her fellowmen.

2. Live a meaningful and productive life.

3. Observe the University Code of Student Conduct.

4. Develop his/her skills, capacities, and talents in pursuit of academic excellence.

5. Respect the Filipino flag and all that upholds and symbolizes the country.

6. Respect the customs and traditions, the laws of the land, and the rules and policies of the University.

7. Uphold the dignity of the institution by exhibiting proper decorum at all times in all places.

8. Uphold the academic and moral integrity of the institution by trying to achieve excellence and moral uprightness.

9. Promote and preserve the peace and order in the University by observing the rules on discipline and establish harmonious relationship with fellow students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders of the University.

10. Promote general welfare by actively participating in civic and socio- cultural affairs.