One of the hallmarks of the University’s undertaking in the field of research were its centers. These facilities altogether had contributed to the pioneering efforts of the University in quest of new knowledge that not just had gained various recognition around the country, but impacted as well on the community.



Research Center that aims to transform small ruminant production from a subsistence type of farm activity into a viable livestock-based enterprise.


Cagayan valley freshwater fisheries center | dost nicer

A world class center of excellence on freshwater aquaculture for research, development and demonstration by spanning Interdisciplinary Research Programmes (IRP's) in Aquaculture.



The Cagayan Valley Cacao Development Center (CVCDC) acts in synergy with the other government organizations, non government and private organizations to promote industry that is commercially viable, socially and culturally acceptable and environment-friendly for local, regional and international markets, contributing to a sustained economic development of Region 02.

smart water infrastructure and management r&d center | dost nicer

The Smart Water Infrastructure and Management R&D Center advance water management systems through new innovative approaches and smart techniques to address low water productivity, recurring water hazards due to extreme climate events, fragmented approach in water management, inefficient and ineffective delivery of water services as well as insufficient water monitoring and planning.



CVPED acts as a proactive link to scientific knowledge and information for policy decisions responsive towards sustainable development of natural resources in the region.


equipment manufacturing center (emc)

A world-class manufacturer and supplier of Agro-Industrial Machineries, equipment-parts and components.


PHILIPPINE research and development CENTER for mungbean

The Philippine Research and Development Center for Mungbean contribute to and assist farmers, scientists, and any other interested or associated disciplines in the enhancement and expansion of the mungbean crop and its products and byproducts.



A world class center providing S & T solution through research, extension, laboratory services and capacity building in the water sector.


Regional Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence

The Regional Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (ReCITE) is envisioned to serve as a regional innovation center for teaching excellence.

Upland Development Center


The URDC envisions to be the leading institution in upland and rural development in Asia with special focus on: Upland Technology Transfer, Buffer Zone Management, and Landscape Ecology and Rehabilitation.

Asset 2

food innovation CENTER

The Food Innovation Center (FIC) in ISU Cauayan Campus, is a food processing center with common service facilities for product development and packaging. It will serve as a one-stop-shop for food research and development and technology transfer for would be adopters and beneficiaries.

Business Intelligence and Research and Development Center (BIRD-C)

The center analyzes data and develops apps to help LGUs make confident and appropriate responses in a crisis, in order to become more proactive. It is hoped that through the BIRD-C, our LGUs will become more active in finding solutions and innovations to further improve the lives of the people through the data they analyze.

Cagayan Valley Cattle Artificial Insemination Research and Training Center

The University continues to pursue knowledge-based and product development as a result of research and breakthroughs in science and technology, engineering, agriculture, ecology, culture, and the arts for environmental protection, progressive industry, human development, and sustainable living.

Climate Change Center

The Center’s vision is a Center of Excellence in climate change adaptation, mitigation and climate- risk resiliency in Cagayan Valley, the country, and the ASEAN region. It is committed to exist as a self-sustaining holistic functional service and capacity-building facility on climate change R&D providing climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction education and expert services to various clients and utilizing science-based information/technology in addressing climate change all geared towards climate-risk resiliency.

Center for Organic Agriculture Research Extension and Training

The Center for Organic Agriculture Research Extension and Training is a research and development center for organic agriculture. Through the financial support from DA-BAR, the center implements a project titled "Promotion and Utilization of Tissue-Cultured Saba Plantlets to Enhance Farm Productivity and Increase Income of Banana Small Holders in Isabela" that aims to capacitate selected farmer associations/cooperatives in both the establishment, management, production, marketing, and operation of banana. The University, through the center, established partnerships with the Providence Banana and High Value Crops Growers Association, Valley High Value Agricultural Cooperative, and Caviteño Isabelino Agriculture Cooperative to capacitate the said cooperatives in the establishment, management, production, marketing, and operation of banana (cardava) saba.