Tuesday, February 27, 2024

OMSC Engage in Benchmarking Visit, MOU Signing at ISU

Representatives from the Occidental Mindoro State College (OMSC) led by Dr. Elbert C. Edaniol (President), visited Isabela State University (ISU) on February 27, 2024. The said visit is a part of OMSC’s efforts to collect valuable data to encourage discussion and spark new ideas and practices within their college.


Accompanying Dr. Edaniol were Dr. Harold Q. Bautista (Director, External Linkages and Internationalization), Dr. Melchor P. Dioso (Executive Assistant), Mr. Joseph Torres (Director, Management Information Services), and Mr. Aldwin A. Obligar (Presidential Management Staff).


ISU being recognized as an SUC Level IV Institution has become a standard for other higher learning institutions (HEIs). Thus, through benchmarking, institutions could identify performance gaps and areas for improvement, as well as develop a standardized set of processes with provisions for monitoring performance expectations and evaluations.


The focused areas of benchmarking showcased the programs of ISU, such as internationalization, internal audit, and management information system. During the meeting, ISU presented its best practices and facilities related to the aforementioned areas through its respective directors namely Dr. Isagani P. Angeles Jr. (ISU University Director, External Linkages), Ms. Marites B. Alejandro, CPA (ISU University Director, Internal Audit System), and Mr. Gil B. Zipagan II (University Director, Management Information System).


As part of the momentous benchmarking, OMSC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ISU to establish cooperation on the enhancement of opportunities in higher education, strengthen scientific and technological development, and promote cross-border cooperation and cultural awareness.


Specifically, the MOU seeks to initiate exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to undergraduate programs of both Universities allied with Architecture, Engineering, Research and Development, and Health Education.


Also, included in the said partnership are the possible exchange of faculty members and staff, exchange of undergraduate and graduate students, joint research activities and teaching programs, participation in seminars, meetings, and academic conferences, exchange of academic materials and other information, and special short-term academic programs.


“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship because it is a way you can give something without losing anything. Be willing to share your blessings, ‘yan ang sabi ni President. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away,” Dr. Jay P. Chy (ISU Vice President, Planning and Development) expressed this in her message as she welcomed OMSC.


“This year, we are hopeful to finally reach the last state of compliance. For this effort, the institution is pursuing respectable institutions like you from whom we can learn best practices and be our collaborative partner to enable us to achieve this purpose. Hence, should we become a University in the nearest future, please know that Isabela State University has been a great influence of Occidental Mindoro State College,” Dr. Edaniol said in response to the University.