Monday, December 11, 2023

In a significant move to promote local talent and innovation, Isabela State University-San Mariano Campus proudly introduced its Marketing Center, a physical counterpart to the well-known OneStorePH initiative by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

The launch event, highlighted by the signing of a partnership agreement through a Memorandum of Agreement, united key representatives from the University, DOST- Province of Isabela Officials, and the Local Government Unit of San Mariano in solidifying their commitment to the project.

The Marketing Center stands as a testament to the university’s unwavering dedication to showcasing and retailing locally crafted products from its students and faculty members. It is one of the two Marketing Center launched by the DOST in the Province to serve as a one stop shop for local produces and innovations, providing science and technology interventions in terms of product promotions.

In a message, ISU President Dr. Ricmar P. Aquino said that the University views the Marketing Center as a transformational avenue in redefining the framework of income-generation, encouraging the concept of value-adding in the technologies and products being developed by the University and harnesses its ability to provide spin-off projects that could be translated into micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“We can still innovate the program because product development and entrepreneurship are subjects for students and teachers in the campus is course for the Marketing Center. Today marks a partnership for a more sustainable community characterized by genuine innovation and perseverance. The Marketing Center will play a crucial role in promoting advancements, fostering collaboration, and driving economic development within the local agricultural, aquacultural, and trade sectors.”, Dr. Aquino emphasized.

President Aquino adds that faculty members, and student researchers can actively participate by sharing innovative products, technologies, and food-based items, aligning with the sustainable development goals.

During the event, Mr. Chris Musni, Project Lead on the OneStorePH of the DOST, expressed gratitude to ISU-San Mariano and pledged to promote the products beyond the region.

“We are thankful, just like you, for promoting local products. Hopefully, our students will be interested in these products… Our promotions are intensive; we have technologies, websites, mobile apps. When you align San Mariano products with our promotions, they will be introduced to other regions, ultimately increasing the demand for San Mariano products.”, Mr. Musni highlights.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lucio Gammad Calimag, Director of the DOST- Isabela, expressed strong support for the Marketing Center, saying: “DOST will provide strong support to this project. We can help in marketing, packaging, and labeling for the Marketing Center”.

With the unveiling of the Marketing Center, ISU-San Mariano and DOST have established a vibrant synergy between academia and government initiatives. This hub of innovation and collaboration not only supports local talent but also enhances the community’s shopping experience and encourages continuous learning.

As the Marketing Center opens its doors, it invites residents and visitors to explore, support, and be part of this transformative journey toward a more vibrant and interconnected community.