General Objectives

The general objective of the BSTM course is the preparation of graduates for employment and entrepreneurship in hospitality and tourism industry.


Specific Objectives

The graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management program must be able to:

  1. Execute work activities effectively, efficiently, and independently in multi- cultural teams  in the operation required in Tourism Industry
  2. Undertake tasks, function duties and activities in the operation of the travel, lodging, recreation and meeting, incentives, convention and exhibition.
  3. Analyze situation identifies problems formulates solutions, and implements corrective and/ or mitigating measures and actions.
  4. Utilize information technology applications and various communication channels proficiently in dealing with guest and colleagues in the Tourism Industry
  5. Plan and implement administrative and managerial skills in accordance with high personal, moral and ethical standards in a service-oriented business organization.
  6. Effectively communicate orally and in writing using English, Filipino, Mother tongue language and appropriate foreign language required in the industry.