General Objectives

The BS Psychology program aims to produce professionals imbued with knowledge and skills in research and professional practice in psychology such as psychosocial/psychological interventions, debriefing, counseling and others.


Specific Objectives/Goals of the Program

The program specifically aims to imbibe to the students the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding on the nature and use of psychological tests;
  2. Apply the principles of proper administration, checking, and interpretation of psychometric and projective tests;
  3. Exhibit understanding and use basic skills and approaches in clinical counselling/therapy required to situations;
  4. Conduct research using the knowledge and skills in clinical psychology and communicate research results to both specialist and non-specialist audiences;
  5. Comprehend, evaluate and utilize new information related to psychology;
  6. Understand and apply psychological principles and theories to real life situations;
  7.  Analyze and correctly apply the ethical considerations of psychology in various context; and
  8. Integrate psychological knowledge in the holistic development of the person.