General Objectives

The BSAB program aims to produce educated, well-rounded professionals in agribusiness capable of meeting the national and global needs for highly trained managers, academics, researchers and extensionists, and entrepreneurs.


Specific Objectives

  1. Apply concepts, principles and theories in business, economics and marketing in running and managing agribusiness ventures in response to the societal need for food security and environmental protection and sustainability;
  2. Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate systems-oriented, strategic agribusiness plans and program;
  3. Demonstrate effective problem solving and tactical decision making abilities in planning and other multi-tasks of an agribusiness;
  4. Exhibit entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, professional work ethics in team and organization management;
  5. Exhibit leadership in paving the way for new frontiers in agribusiness, agriculture and related industries;
  6. Effectively communicate orally and in writing; and,
  7. Preserve and promote “Filipino historical and cultural heritage (RA 7722)