A lead university for the 21st century, cutting – edge innovator in Higher Education.


To position ISU as a front-runner of good governance in Instruction, Research, Extension and Resource generation.


  1. University Status Escalation

Internationally Recognized University meeting the global standards in all educational pursuits. By 2021, ISU as a lead university shall become-

  • Awardee of Philippine Quality Award (PQA) and other national and international quality award-giving bodies
  • Holder of SUC Level V. typology and accreditation status of all programs, at least level III and up
  • Recipient of ISO certification in all its campuses
  • Recipient of Center of Development (COD) and Center of Excellence (COE) in all its campuses in the specialized programs and other programs
  • Recipient of Institutional Awards from various local, national and international award-giving bodies
  • Recipient of Civil Service Commission Maturity Level 4
  • Producer of National topnotchers and examinees with high passing rate in the Licensure Examinations
  • Producer of highly employable graduates for global competitiveness in ASEAN and beyond
  • Member-university in the International Professional organizations
  • Participant-university to benchmark with other countries through research & extension
  • Signatory member to other international standards organizations & accrediting bodies
  • Host for international conferences, seminars, training & for a
  1. Good governance

A distinctive style of leadership marked with integrity, good-will, respect, and harmony, thus making the University

  • Leading state university with quality administration
  • Autonomous, independent, stable and mature in managing its resources
  • Open, transparent and honest in all its processes, transactions and delivery of services
  • Visionary in its managerial planning & schemes with a regular, well implemented, reviewed & updated monitoring plan of campus programs, projects and activities
  1. Academic Re-engineering

A lead university composed of special academic hubs and centers distinct in every campus to meet societal demands. To realize this, it shall have

  • A strategic and comprehensive academic plan
  • Flagship programs in every campus
  • Verticalized and typologized programs based on CHED standards
  • One or more COD or COE certified programs in every campus
  • Relevant academic courses or programs responsive to the needs of the local, national and international industries and markets
  • An operationalized Faculty Development Plan that conforms to the SUC Levelling standards (scholars to study in top 1000 world ranking universities, COD/COE or level III Accredited programs)
  • Internal and external benefactors for student scholarships and grants
  • Approved policies for leader/faculty/student exchange programs
  • Specific solid engagements and collaborations with foreign universities for faculty and students for intercountry mobility, cultural and academic exchange
  1. System-operations Stewardship

Responsive and responsible frontline services to ensure every client of fast, effective and efficient overall delivery of services through High-tech ICT systems, infrastructure and facilities. The University shall become/be

  • Adopter of on-line admission, registration, enrolment and payment
  • Developer of a University website portal for centralized communications and transactions
  • Innovator of modern connections with online library service providers and digitized library facilities and holdings
  • Advocate of a highly improved front-line services and digitized data banking for record keeping
  • Center of knowledge and technology management
  • Interconnected with upgraded internet connectivity established teleconferencing facilities and other high tech ICT equipment
  1. People Empowerment

An empowered organization of service-oriented people working harmoniously with one another and with stakeholders in a healthy and stress-free working environment. Thus, the University shall have:

  • Empowered campuses which will have a higher level of maturity in management to promote autonomy, responsibility and accountability
  • A pool of experts for specific job functions
  • A regular consultative planning with all key officials, the federations of faculty, alumni and students
  • Monthly socialization meetings to establish stronger relationships
  1. Manpower Prowess

A strong workforce with competence, knowledge, expertise, skills, and potentials to attain quality delivery outputs in instruction, production, extension and research. The University shall have

  • A pool of highly qualified and well-trained workers through attendance to trainings, seminars, workshops to enhance expertise in the field
  • Initiator of interactive social-educational activities for stronger relationship
  • Vanguard of the welfare and tenure of the workers
  • Implementer a system of recognition and awards for faculty and staff
  1. Knowledge-based & Products Creation

State-of-the-art products of researches and breakthroughs in science and technology, agriculture, ecology, culture and the arts for environmental protection, progressive industry, human development and sustainable living. The University shall have

  • An on-line webpage research publications to increase citations and learnings on cutting-edge knowledge
  • Published accredited refereed journal
  • A system of technology transfer for commercialization and use of the products to improve lives
  • An institutional policy for patent and copyright of discoveries and inventions
  • Patented inventions to improve lives
  • Research centers in the four (4) big campuses of the university based on their flagship programs
  • Externally commissioned funded researches from benefactors both local and international
  • An increased number of faculty engaged in research by 60%
  • Published completed researches in Elsevier Scopus, Thomson Reuters journals and CHED accredited journals conforming with CHED percentage criteria
  • Multi-disciplinary researches in local, national & international recognized research for a
  • Advocate of environmental care and protection
  1. Physical Plant and Face Lift

An organization with conducive environment and ambiance through modern physical structures & advanced technologies thus promoting an excellent culture of learning, working, sharing and growing. The University shall have

  • Comprehensive physical development plan for ISU system
  • Well-designed university zoning of buildings and other structures compliant with standards of Building Code of the Philippines
  • Academic and administrative structures and technologies needed of conducive, effective and efficient working and learning conditions
  • Infrastructure for laboratories, library and student dormitories
  1. A Culture of Synergy and Partnership\

More established linkages and networking to strengthen collaboration with national and international partners for the shared vision of excellence. ISU shall become

  • An active partner and collaboration of local and international institutions/organizations on academic, research and extension
  • An initiator of projects & programs with government agencies like LGUs, DOST, Agriculture, DSWD, DENR DepEd, etc.
  • An initiator of livelihood programs for the adopted marginalized communities to improve socio-economic status of families and help reduce the poverty rate in selected marginalized barangays in Isabela in partnership with the provincial government
  • Center of demonstration projects such as agriculture, fisheries, technologies and agro-forestry
  1. Resource Management & Generation

A corporate style of revenue management generation that is sustainable, self-reliant, and stable. The University shall have

  • An updated University Business Manual with new policies for effective revenue generation activities and programs
  • Compliant, effective and efficient utilization of funds
  • A pool of business investors to help increase revenues of the university
  • Established linkages with partner-funding organizations/agencies like DOST, DA, CHED, etc. for specific projects and programs
  • Joint business ventures with private sectors for the development of economic assets of the university
  • Sustainable income-generating projects and systems of phasing out losing/non generating projects
  • Commercialized viable products