Thursday, October 10, 2019

Isabela State University has gathered faculty and staff researchers as the annual University Agency In-House Review commenced this morning (October 10).

The annual in-house review is a major activity of Cagayan Valley Agricultural, Aquatic and Resources Research and Development (CVAARRD) that aims to effectively evaluate and monitor research and development activities within the National Agricultural and Resources Research and Development Network (NARRDN).

It also serves as an avenue to present completed researches (institutional and externally funded projects/studies) to be reviewed for proper recognition.

Campus clusters will be presenting their research outputs of different fields: with 31 Technical Researches, 31 Technological/Development, 27 Higher Education, and 17 from Social Researches.

Vice President for Research and Development, Extension and Training (RDET), Dr. Orlando Balderama believed that the undertaking is all about “culture of mentoring”, as peer of experts would be evaluating the outputs for their respective improvement.

Dr. Balderama emphasized to “maximize mentoring relationship” and influence others along the process.

Meanwhile, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Atty. Romano P. Cammayo stressed research engagement paves way to both professional development, and attaining the university’s vision “to be a leading research university”.

He also mentioned the necessity of the university’s researches to be industry-based.

The agency in-house review was organized by the University Research and Development, through the Office of the VP RDET.