Monday, January 11, 2021

Office Order | University President


In reference to the CHED Memorandum Order No. 01, Series of 2015, Establishing the Policies and Guideline on Gender and Development in the Commission on Higher Education and Higher Education Institutions (HEIS), which mandates CHED to introduce and institutionalize gender equality and gender responsiveness and sensitivity in the various aspects of Philippine higher education, specifically in the trifocal functions of higher education; a) curriculum development; b) gender responsiveness research programs and c) gender- responsive extension programs; henceforth, these legislative requirements must be followed by Isabela State University.

Accordingly, Isabela State University is dedicated in promoting Gender and Development (GAD) mainstreaming initiatives through the execution of various pertinent, accommodating, admitting, and longlasting programs, projects, and activities

In connection thereto, this Office, directs all the Heads of offices to adhere the following

  • a.) Admission of students must be Gender Responsive. All students must be admitted regardless of their Gender Identity and Expressions
  • b.) Hiring of Employees must be open to all regardless of Gender Identity, Gender Expressions, Culture, Ethnicities and Religion
  • c.) All Job offers and Admission of Students must be posted on the ISU webpage and must contain nondiscriminatory word and strictly observed the usage of gender fair language
  • d.) The University should hire people in marginalized sector (PWDs, IPs)

In line with the foregoing, all stakeholders university administrators, teachers, nonteaching staff, students, parents, alumni, and other partnersmust play a significant role to create an empowered, biasfree, and inclusive learning environment. In the end, it is envisioned that ISU will be a GADprincipled university that puts education at its core while advancing and defending the rights of women, children and men.

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