Isabela State University continue to pursue knowledge-based and products development as results of researches and breakthroughs in science and technology, engineering, agriculture, ecology, culture and the arts for environmental protection, progressive industry, human development, and sustainable living.

1Developed Cacao ProductsPerlita P. Raymundo and Myleen R. Corpuz 
2Artificial Insemination for GoatJonathan N. Nayga, Aubrey Joy M. Balbin, Oliva M. Gaffud, Mark Joker L. Marcos and Demetrio B. Gumiran 
3Goat Semen Processing using Soy-Bean Lecithin- Based ExtenderJonathan N. Nayga, Aubrey Joy M. Balbin, Oliva M. Gaffud, Mr. Mark Joker L. Marcos and Mr. Demetrio B. Gumiran 
4Canned ChevonJonathan N. Nayga, Mila R. Andres, Emelita B. Valdez, Beulah B. Estrada and Aubrey Joy M. Balbin 
5Pilot Testing on the Breeder Stock and Product Traceability System for Goat in Region 2Jonathan N. Nayga, Diosdado C. Canete, Desiray D. Nayga and Jan Edmund Marcelo 
6Development of Non-Invasive Pregnancy Detection Kit for GoatAubrey Joy M. Balbin, Jonathan N. Nayga, Oliva M. Gaffud, Mark Joker L. Marcos, Ellaine O. Sotelo and Kevin Nonan 
7Hygienic Goat Slaughtering and Chevon CuttingJonathan N. Nayga, Mila R. Andres, Emelita B. Valdez, Beulah B. Estrada and Aubrey Joy M. Balbin 

Piloting and Market Validation of the UP Technologies on Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging or Charm (Charging in Minutes) in Cauayan City, Isabela for Progressive Smarter City

Precila C. Delima, Ermel M. Delima, Loida P. Tapaoan, Lorelei C. Tabago, Armald Marcos and Samuel R. Santos 
9Establishment/ Upgrading of Weather Station Complex (Agromet Synoptic and Radar Station) In Isabela State University, Echague, IsabelaPAGASA-ISU/Mr. Ramil B. Tuppil 
10Multipurpose Cassava Chipper/Forage ChopperJoel M. Alcaraz 
11Crawler Transporter for Deep MudJoel M. Alcaraz 
12Peanut ShellerJoel M. Alcaraz 
13Cassava Chipper with TumblerJoel M. Alcaraz 
14Decision Support Platform for Corn Farmers in Cagayan Valley RegionOrlando F. Balderama 
15Integrated Rubber-Based Agroforestry/ Farming System in Mined and Adjacent Areas of Oceana Gold Mining AreasOrlando F. Balderama, Jeoffrey Lloyd R. Bareng and Elmer R. Rosete 
16GIS-Based Platform as Decision Support for Identifying Suitable Sites of Small-Scale Irrigation ProjectsOrlando F. Balderama 
17Technology Toolboxes for Optimal Establishment of PV System for IrrigationOrlando F. Balderama, Jeoffrey Lloyd R. Bareng, Elmer A. Rosete and Carol Joy F. Mangadap 
18LIDAR-Based Flood Advisory System in Aunugay River Basin, Gonzaga, CagayanJanuel P. Floresca, Jenny B. Tabal and McPaul Y. Baguio 
19Detection of Bamboo Plants from High-Resolution Aerial Image Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)Januel P. Floresca 
20Intermittent Mist PropagatorJanuel P. Floresca 
21GIS-Based Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping and Tropical Fruits and Bamboo Suitability Analysis of Farming Systems in Cagayan ValleyJanuel P. Floresca 
22Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping and Geospatial Analysis in Cagayan River BasinJanuel P. Floresca 
23Greenhouse Gases Mitigation Potential of Climate-Friendly Farming Practices of Lowland Rice Agroecosystem in IsabelaJanuel P. Floresca 
24Greenhouse Gases Mitigation Potentials of Bio-Digester, Gasification and Composting as Animal Waste Management TechniquesJanuel P. Floresca 
25Community-Level SARAI Enhanced Agricultural Monitoring System (CL SEAMS)Orlando F. Balderama