Wednesday, December 20, 2023

 ECHAGUE, Isabela — As an on-going commitment in mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals, Isabela State University leads a way in connecting research with policy through its Seminar-Workshop on Developing SDG-Focused Policy Notes, Wednesday (December 20).

Highlighting the pivotal role of policy notes in government, the workshop underscores their significance as essential tools for effective communication, informed decision-making, and aligning the University’s research with policy objectives of the sustainable development goals.

The workshop also addressed the challenges that researchers face when translating their work into workable policies.

Participants, comprising of the University’s researchers, management, and workforce, engaged in the crafting of policy notes, and were introduced to deeper understanding of the policy-making process, increasing their participation in communicating research findings to policymakers.

The seminar marks a significant milestone in the University’s commitment to fostering impactful research, collaboration, active contributions to societal advancements, and to the Sustainable Development Goals.