Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Isabela State University (ISU) brings another milestone in its vision to be the leading research university in the ASEAN region as it initiated the first International Research Conference on Computing, Engineering, Business, Sciences and Education (IRCCEBSE), this morning (October 28).

The virtual international conference convened about 68 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and agencies from various parts of the country together with Al-Balqa Applied University (Jordan), Management Development Institute of Singapore Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and National University of Taiwan.

IRCCEBSE aims to involve the country’s faculty and researchers in the international research arena and keep them abreast with the globe’s latest research techniques, innovations, and practices thru peer-review and discussions.

The two-day international event would also provide opportunities for research papers to be presented. Selected papers from this conference will be published in peer-review and Scopus indexed journals.

Bridging international research efforts amid CoViD-19 pandemic

ISU’s vision capitalizes on such initiatives to connect to the global research network in a continuing research vibrance amid the global health crisis.

With almost every social movement paralyzed, advancement of knowledge seemed impossible.

However, University Vice President for Administrative and Finance Services, Atty. Romano P. Cammayo, believed otherwise. To him, the pandemic has provided a rather surprising united mobility in battling the crisis.

Atty. Cammayo in his opening remarks stressed further: “Now more than ever- our researchers, irrespective of nationality- should be collaborating with one another on finding solutions to current problems of humanity especially on addressing the present problem that has caused a lot of sufferings among the peoples of the world- the Corona Virus Pandemic”.

VP Cammayo believes the conference to be an opportunity for researchers to collaborate and find solutions to problems besetting respective countries thru exchange of experiences, knowledge, and practices.

The research conference aptly puts the disciplines Computing, Engineering, Business, Sciences and Education, as thematic approaches to some of the world’s pressing concerns.

Meanwhile, University Vice President for R&D, Dr. Orlando F. Balderama, holds optimism in seeing community impacts from the researches that will be presented in the conference.

“It is our hope that your next goal of your papers will not only be published but also to be utilized and adopted by intended users for development and progress”, he said.

Dr. Balderama further pressed that researches must be relevant and considerate to community sectors that seek to upgrade their level of competency such as government agencies, industries, business establishments, schools and other entities.

Innovate to change lives

Testament to Dr. Balderama’s proposition, are the efforts of the University in the CoViD-19 battle particularly the development of contact tracing technology “HealthGuard”.

This was thru the Business Intelligence Research and Development Center housed at ISU Cauayan.

Early September this year, the contact tracing technology has been endorsed by the Office of Civil Defense central office for a regional implementation. Various agreement memoranda have been signed with Local Government Units (LGUs) in the transfer of the said technology.

The transfer of HealthGuard application, along with other numbering knowledge and technologies already transferred, were highlighted by University President Dr. Ricmar P. Aquino in his speech on how ISU is working-out to propel sustainably-developed communities.

“Though ISU is a higher education institution, our special role as a university is to create new knowledge; transcending our teaching mission towards navigating the landscape of research and innovation. It is harnessing the potential of our human resources and build needed knowledge capital to uplift the lives of our countrymen”, he said.

Dr. Aquino went-on: “The measure of our productivity is not only based on how many outputs we generate and deployed, and how many people fit in them, but also based on how many lives have been changed.”

The international research conference was organized thru ISU’s University Professional Development and Training Institute, along with the Knowledge and Technology Management under the University Research and Development, Extension and Training (URDET), and College of Computing Studies, Information and Communication of ISU Echague Main Campus.