Thursday, November 28, 2019

In view of upgrading quality delivery of advance studies, the Master and Doctorate courses of Animal and Crop Sciences has undergone 3-day ocular inspection from CHED Technical Committee for Agriculture.

In an exit committee this afternoon (Nov. 28), the Technical Committee reports promising results from the evaluation of the advance study courses.

Chair of Technical Committee for Agriculture Program, Dr. Candida B. Adalla remarked that the agri-sciences graduate programs were “basically compliant to CHED standards”. She also applauded the graduate courses’ “impressive faculty profile”, library collections, and research agenda and facilities.

Dr. Adalla says the programs have potential for further improvement, emphasizing minor changes that needed to be addressed in-line of new dynamic structures prescribed by CHEd.

The Chair of the committee further emphasized the importance of “science and research excellence” in the PhD., as students of advance studies are now focusing in their respective disciplines.

University President, Dr. Ricmar Aquino promised to immediately address the concerns. He also said “one way of attaining the vision is to strengthen [our] graduate programs”, as it would gear intensive research undertakings that would also be beneficial for SUC Leveling.

In a speech, Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. John Cabansag acknowledged the importance the institutional monitoring and evaluation, saying “this is the price of status of [our] graduate programs”. He also said that the Graduate School is committed to further improve the program offerings.

Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Joel Reyes shared the Agri-sciences programs have already been crafted that links to specializations, and that the monitoring assisted to even capacitate it more.