Monday, June 14, 2021

Isabela State University continues to stand-out in its research performance as it registers consistent ranking among universities in the country on research publications.

ISU was identified among top research contributors in the fields of Speech Synthesis, Image Processing, and Machine Learning researches based from the data on “documents by affiliation” from the renowned Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database for academic journal articles.

The University is pinned on the 3rd place on Speech Synthesis, 12th place on Image Processing, and 13th on Machine Learning research.

ISU is the only higher education institution from Northern Luzon that made into the lists.

Similarly, the University emerged on the 7th place among the identified 10 institutions actively engaging in Deep Learning research in the country.

In the findings of a research article by De La Salle University entitled “Analysis of the co-authorship network of Filipino researchers in deep learning”, ISU emerged as 10th place in terms of the publication count, and surfaced on the 9th Place in terms of the most number of uniquely affiliated authors.

ISU is the only higher education institution outside of the National Capital Region (NCR) that made into the list.

On research productivity, the article found that “Isabela State University that is 10th in the ‘most number of researchers working on DL’ came in 5th in the most productive institution”.

Data Analytics to improve Research Publication Experience

These research data can help to improve the quality of the University’s research publication experience by means of data analytics, says Dr. Rhowel M. Dellosa, the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of ISU’s Linker journals.

In his recently conducted research titled “Analysis of Scopus Documents of Isabela State University”, he explains how data analytics should be taken seriously and effectively in order to enhance university experience in terms of its status and ranking in Scopus publications across the region.

The research shows that there are 262 documents and 172 authors in Scopus database up until June 2021.

Dr. Dellosa writes, “in order to achieve the quality of research publication experiences, it is crucial that data is sourced and used responsibly as the dangers of data misuse have become increasingly apparent in all areas of society”.

ISU has been seen to be Cagayan Valley’s lead R&D institution, marking significant contributions to the research community in its bid to be among the leading research universities in the ASEAN Region. (JF/GZ/BJC-UMIS-CMS)


The figure below reveals the top contributors in Scopus. The data depicted in the table were extracted from Scopus database.

Rank Author Campus Document in Scopus Citation H-Index
1 Arnel C. Fajardo ISU Cauayan 60 123 5
2 Rhowel M. Dellosa ISU Echague 34 144 7
3 Edward B. Panganiban ISU Echague 24 118 7
4 Jesusimo L. Dioses Jr. ISU Echague 18 70 6
5 Irma T. Plata ISU Echague 12 37 4
6 Boyet L. Batang ISU Echague 11 17 2
7 Orlando F. Balderama ISU Echague 10 21 3
8 Joe G. Lagarteja ISU Echague 9 3 1
9 Ricardo Q. Camungao ISU Echague 7 6 1
Georgina M. Dioses ISU Echague 7 4 2
10 Lanie A. Alejo ISU Echague 6 5 1
Mary Joy H. Libatique ISU Echague 6 12 2


Figure 1. Top Performing University in the Philippines on Image Processing Researches


Figure 2. Top Performing University in the Philippines on Machine Learning Researches


Figure 3. Top Performing University in the Philippines on Speech Synthesis Researches


Figure 4. Top Performing University in the Philippines on Deep Learning Researches