Monday, April 1, 2024

In its continuing goal to provide opportunities and development for its students, the Isabela State University (ISU) and Accenture had a touchpoint meeting and orientation about the Accenture Technology Academy (ATA), a project that began in a strategic partnership between the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), University of Cordilleras (UC), and Accenture.

Supported by the Skills Progression Partnership (SkiPP) program between Accenture and UC, and by CHED’s Boosting Education through Smart Technologies (BEST) project, ATA aims to develop students into becoming Information Technology (IT) Professionals for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Students from the main campus’ College of Computing Studies, Information, and Communication Technology (CCSICT) across its various programs were involved, offering them opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge with the practical IT skills demanded by today’s technological industry.

During the meeting and orientation on ATA, students were given an idea on the front-end and back-end development skills crucial for navigating the IT landscape, and were introduced to the academy’s curriculum, carefully crafted to encompass the vital technologies and frameworks needed for future roles in the technology sector.

As part of the program, students must undergo training in a hybrid setup (online and in-person sessions) where they will be immersed in learning and development programs facilitated by industry experts with years of experience and vast knowledge in the ever-evolving field of technology.

To aid their learning experience, financial support for licensed softwares and access to the resources in the Accenture-Udemy learning platform will be provided by CHEd and Accenture, respectively.

Moreover, the program opens avenues for students related to career advancement. Students with exceptional performance during the conduct of the ATA will be given a chance of employment at Accenture, highlighting the transition from learning in the academe to performing for the industry.

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