Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Isabela State University (ISU) with its commitment to the conservation and sustainable management of fisheries joins the Science Advisory Group (SAG) of the Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 1 Northern Pacific Seaboard on its second quarterly meeting on April 5, 2022.

The SAG Chair, Dr. Melanie C. Villarao presided the meeting witnessed the active participation of various sectoral representatives and NSAP focal person from regions 2, 3, 4A, 5, and CAR.

Dr. Isagani P. Angeles, the ISU Center Director of the Cagayan Valley Freshwater Fisheries Center is a member of the FMA representing the University to the dialogues.

The meeting started with a presentation on FMA 1’s profile, highlighting the top 20 dominant species under analysis in its three sub-FMAs. These presentations shed light on the activities carried out by the National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP) to gather performance indicators for these species. The discussions also revolved around the group’s upcoming activities, with ISU sharing its knowledge and academic expertise.

Notably, the FMA 1 Management Board Chair and BFAR 2 Regional Director, Dr. Angel B. Encarnacion, also attended the meeting. In his speech, Dr. Encarnacion commended the dedication and active involvement of the sectoral representatives, the NSAP regional focal person, the secretariat, and ISU. He emphasized their joint efforts in achieving the objectives and goals of the FMA.

The Fisheries Administrative Order 263 provides the location and boundaries of the twelve (12) delineated Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs), which were established based on considerations of stocks boundary, range, and distribution of fisheries in the country.

As a crucial part of the Fisheries Management Area, the SAG plays a pivotal role in providing technical guidance to the management board, relying on the best available information, including the findings of the National Stock Assessment (NSAP). To underscore the significance of the SAG’s role, the DA-BFAR RO2, Northern Pacific Seaboard (FMA1) lead area held a virtual oath-taking ceremony for permanent and alternate members, highlighting their collective dedication to the conservation and sustainable management of the fisheries resources in the region.

Looking forward, the next SAG quarterly meeting, set for July 5, 2022, presents another opportunity for the group, including ISU, to strengthen their collaboration, exchange knowledge, and make informed decisions for the sustainable management of the FMA. ISU’s involvement in these efforts showcases their commitment to remaining at the forefront of fisheries research and promoting cooperation in addressing the challenges facing this vital field.