Historical Background

The Isabelino’s clamor for Technical Courses in the late 60’s paved the way to the offering of a Two-Year Trade Technical Course in the tertiary level at the Isabela School of Arts and Trades (ISAT), Calamagui, Ilagan, Isabela.

Being the mother school of trade and industry schools in the province, ISAT continued to offer the course in different major fields, namely Building Construction Technology, Machine Shop Technology, Electricity, Cosmetology, Foods Technology, and Garments Technology.

The ensuring boom in enrollment behooved school administration to expand the course both horizontally and vertically. Thus, in 1970 the four-year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE) was born with two new courses created; Industrial Education and Electronics.

On June 10, 1987, President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed P.D. 1434 creating the first university in Region II – the Isabela State University. The degree merged the Cagayan Valley Institute of Technology in Cabagan, the Isabela State College of Agriculture in Echague, and the Tertiary level in ISAT.

Later followed the conclusion of the college levels of Roxas Memorial Agricultural and Industrial School (RAMAIS) in Roxas, San Mateo Vocational and Industrial School (RAMVIS) in San Mateo, and Jones Rural School (JRS) in Jones. Still later, three more integrated, San Mariano High School in San Mariano, Angadanan Agro-Industrial and Vocational High School in Angadanan, and Cauayan Rural High School in Cauayan.

Undergraduate Programs AACCUP Accreditation
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education
Bachelor of Technical -Vocational Teacher Education
B.S. in Midwifery