Thursday, March 7, 2024

Global Cacao: ISU opens doors for international intern from Vives University

On a mission to sustain its internationalization efforts and partnerships with higher education institutions (HEIs), Isabela State University (ISU) continues to open its doors to cater international students for immersive and extensive academic and professional opportunities.

Justine Devoedere, a senior Food Technology student from VIVES University of Applied Sciences (VIVES UAS), will be staying with the University for two (2) months through an internship at the Cagayan Valley Cacao Processing Center (CVCPC).

In an interview, the exchange student shares her first impressions of the University and her expectations of being an intern in the said center.

ISU and its CVCPC

Noting her first impressions of the University, Justine was quick and delighted to point out the large size of the ISU Echague campus, where the CVCPC is located.

She commented that she saw a lot of buzzing students comparing her experiences at VIVES UAS.

As part of their Food Technology program in Belgium, they are expected to break down different kinds of food categories and analyze them up to microbiological level.

To broaden her own knowledge and skills, especially on Cacao harvesting and processing in relation to her research, Justine made the decision to take her internship in the Philippines, specifically at ISU.

Upon completing her internship, she aims to give and share firsthand information and experiences on Cacao processing, citing that the web is still lacking information which gives her further motivation to learn about the matter.

Filipino Experience

While in the Philippines, Justine hopes to visit natural sites – starting within the vicinity of the University, as well as eating local food and delicacies.

Despite the differences in temperature between the country and Belgium, she expressed that she had enjoyed her time meeting and catching up with friends whom she met at the Intensive Programme Belgium 2024, where ISU served as one of the participants.

“It’s an adventure, like once in a lifetime, so that’s why I came here. It is an opportunity you need to take,” Justine said as she described her soon-to-be experience at her internship and the University.