Thursday, April 11, 2024

To determine its direction, objectives, and focused-vision as a research and development center, the Cagayan Valley Cacao Development Center (CVCDC) conducted a Strategic Planning Workshop focused on Cacao and Coffee Production and Tala Park Operations on April 11, 2024 at the CVCDC, Isabela State University (ISU).

With its expanding state, the said workshop provided the center with ideas and targets to successfully attain its mission to provide viable information and undertake information dissemination, technology transfer activities, and technical assistance to cacao stakeholders.

To aid them in their workshop proper, Mr. Constante G. Medina (University Director, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) detailed a Strategic Planning Framework to serve as a guide for the participants and shared a discussion on Cacao and Coffee Production and Tala Park Operations.

In addition, Dr. Myleen R. Corpuz (Director, CVCDC) facilitated a sharing on the Best Practices of Cacao and Coffee Production and Processing.

Afterwards, the afternoon session proceeded with the strategic planning workshop proper which will be beneficial on the trajectory of the said center not only for the year 2024 but the coming years ahead.