General Objectives

The BS Math graduates shall be equipped with enhanced mathematical and critical thinking skills.  Graduates are expected to have developed deeper appreciation and understanding of the importance of mathematics in history and in modern world.  They will be able to do research or perform jobs that require analytical thinking and quantitative skills.


Specific Objectives

The program provides students with substantial exposure to the breadth and depth of mathematics, from classical to contemporary, and from theoretical to applied.  The curriculum covers foundational courses in core areas of mathematics as well as advanced courses that will help prepare graduates to pursue higher studies or work in a variety of fields.

At the end of this program, the students are expected to be able to:

1. Common to all programs in all types of schools.

PO1. Engage in lifelong learning and understanding of the need to keep abreast of the developments in the specific field of practice.
PO2. Communicate effectively thru oral and in writing using both English and Pilipino.
PO3. Perform effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.
PO4. Recognize professional, social, and ethical responsibility.
PO5. Appreciate the “Filipino historical and cultural heritage”.

2. Common to the discipline

PO6. Demonstrate broad and coherent knowledge and understanding in the core areas of mathematics.
PO7. Apply analytical, critical, and problem solving skills using scientific method.
PO8. Interpret relevant scientific data and make judgments that include reflection on relevant scientific and ethical issues.
PO9. Carry out basic mathematical and statistical computations and use appropriate technologies in the analysis of data.
PO10. Communicate information, ideas, problems, and solutions both orally and in writing, to other scientists, decision makers and the public.
PO11. Connect science and mathematics to the other disciplines.
PO12. Design and perform techniques and procedures following safe and responsible laboratory or field practices.
PO13. Accept and critically evaluate input from others.
PO14. Appreciate the limitations and implications of science in everyday life.
PO15. Commitment for the integrity of data.

3. Specific to BS Math

PO16. Gain mastery in the core areas of mathematics: algebra, analysis, geometry.
PO17. Demonstrate skills in pattern recognition, generalization, abstraction, critical analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, and rigorous argument.
PO18. Develop an enhanced perception of the vitality and importance of mathematics in the modern world including inter-relationship within math and its connection to other disciplines.
PO19. Appreciate the concept and role of proof and reasoning and demonstrate knowledge in reading and writing mathematical proofs.
PO20. Make and evaluate mathematical conjectures and arguments and validate their own mathematical thinking.
PO21. Communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing using clear and precise language.