The Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies program aims to produce graduates who are able to:

  1. Demonstrate workplace readiness skills in order to learn and adapt to any occupation required by both local and global markets;
  2. Manifest high-level communicative competencies in English and other languages spoken universally;
  3. Use technology as a basis for continued knowledge construction, for both academic and lifelong learning;
  4. Exhibit research skills to keep abreast with current research findings, issues, and directions in language teaching , literature, culture, communication, and linguistics;
  5. Apply and disseminate knowledge in the fields of language, literature, and linguistics through research, linkages, extension, production and networking programs;
  6. Appreciate self and others, amidst diversity, through literature viewed as a means to understand humanity and the world;
  7. Employ great repertoire of learning and teaching strategies that will make them successful second language teachers; andBa
  8. Practice the values of integrity, responsibility, nationalism and other Filipino values necessary for the preservation of cultural heritage and national identity.