The University provides financial and technical assistance every year to local communities through the appropriation of funds from Special Budget (SB) 164 of the University to propel institutional extension activities that support their socially sustainable businesses.

As per CHED Memorandum No. 20 series of 2011, the budget allocation of the University for Extension Services is 10% of the tuition fees. The budget allocation for this function was used for instruction materials necessary for effective technology transfer of research outputs to the community, skills training in livelihood relative to the research output, alternative learning system (outreach program), skills training and development in consortium with local government units.

The Isabela State University (ISU) also organized different trainings and programs to better assist communities in improving their basic services for the people in the locality.


1 Technology Demonstration and Promotion of Rice-based Crop Diversification for Food Security 30,900.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
2 Encouraging Sustainable Production and Consumption through Establishment of a Farmers Market 50,000.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
3 Enhancing the Competence of the College of Agriculture as Extension Provider in ISU Echague Adopted Barangay 30,000.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
4 Livelihood Skills Development Program for Women in Calamity Affected Areas of ISU Echague Adopted Barangays 30,000.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
5 Enhancing the Livestock production of the Smallholder 30,000.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
6 Strengthening the Capability of the Livestock Raisers in ISU Newly Recognize Adopted Barangays 30,000.00 SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
7 Enhancement of Processed Cacao Products And By-Products Towards Commercial Production Through Capacity Building SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
9 Livelihood Training on the Production of Supplementary Mixed Foods in Barangay Salvacion, Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
10 R2R (RECREATE TO RELIEVE) A recreation Program for Camp Melchor Dela Cruz Offices’ Staff. SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
11 TEACH AND PROVIDE: EXTENSION TRAINING ACTIVITIES OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (Teach and Provide: A Literacy training Program for Parents of the Adopted barangays of the College of Education SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
12 TEACH AND PROVIDE: EXTENSION TRAINING ACTIVITIES OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (Teach and provide: A Leadership Training Program for SK Officials of Barangay San Fabian SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
13 TEACH AND PROVIDE: EXTENSION TRAINING ACTIVITIES OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (Gabay-turo kina Nanay at Tatay: Training on Principles of Teaching) SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
14 The Project Gauge (Gist in Appraising the Universities Gains from Extension SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
15 Project 4K (Kalinga sa Kalusugan at Kaginhawaan para sa Kaisipan) Community & Population-Based Support Project for Mental Health and Wellness SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
16 Knowledge enhancement on Agripreneurship, Business Skills, and Technology (KABSAT) Program: Capacity Initiatives for Community Development SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
17 Enhancing Livelihood of Cacao Farmers Community through Extension and Training Activities: Cacao and Saba Plantation, Production and Processing for the Active and Retired Soldiers, Rebel Returnees and dependents. SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
18 Development and Processing of Cacao By-Products as Alternative Livelihood Enterprise for Selected 4Ps Beneficiaries of the Adopt-A-Barangay of ISU Echague Campus SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
20 Capacity Building Program for farmers and Community-Based Cooperatives SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
21 Mentoring of Senior High School Students SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
22 Cooperative Development Program SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
23 Capability Building Program of Business Enterprises in the Municipality of Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
24 Strengthening the capabilities of adopted Barangays of Isabela State University SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
25 Development of Training Materials and Conduct of Training Series for Irrigators’ Association Members on Establishment of Model Farm for sustainable Agriculture SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
26 TEACH AND PROVIDE: EXTENSION TRAINING ACTIVITIES OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (A Livelihood Training for Unemployed Women of Barangay San Fabian, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
27 Capability Building on the Beautification of ISU as Agro Tourism Farm Site in Partnership with the 502 Brigade, Philippine Army Camp Melchor F. Dela Cruz (Annex), Barangay Soyung, Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
28 Barangay Healthdisisyon: Barangay Health ICT Empowerment to the 4th District of Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
29 TechnoSalin for the Men & Women of Select SUC Communities SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
30 Empowering Farmers through the Implementation of Lupa @Ani: Agricultural Land and Commodities Management System with Mobile Notification SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
31 Promoting Transparency in Local Government Units through Implementation of Web-based Public Assistance and Complaints Desk Information System (PACDIS) SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
32 Empowering Senior Citizens through Implementation of Mobile-based Notification and Automated Senior Citizens’ Management Information System SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
33 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Empowerment Project for Ugad National School (UNHS) SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
34 Community assessment on goat raising communities in the Municipalities of Echague and Jones, Isabela and provision of interventions under the Adopt-a-barangay program. SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
35 Roll-out of goat production technologies thru Farmer Livestock School on Goat Enterprise Management SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
36 Training on Production of Smoked Tilapia and Tilanggit for COVID-19 affected Residences in Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
37 Instructional Material Development Training for Pre-Service Teachers of the College of Education and DepEd Teachers-Students of the Central Graduate School of Isabela State University SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
38 Gabay-Turo kina Nanany at Tatay: Training on Principles of Teaching at Home for Mengal Women-parents SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
39 Establishment of Alternative Livelihood for the Indigenous Community of IKAT, DDM, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
40 Capacity Building on Livelihood Training on the Production of Supplementary Mixed Foods Fortified with CPHP for Barangay Salvacion Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
41 Strengthening Livelihood Towards Sustainable Development Training Program for the 513TH Engineering Construction (Nasiglat) Batallion, 51ST Engineering Brigade, Philippine Army Camp Melchor F. Dela Cruz (Annex), Brgy. Soyung, Echague, Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
42 Capability Building on Livelihood (BIDANI-PNEA’s) Recipes Utilizing Research-Based Supplementary Mixed Food, Cacao, Turmeric, Malunggay and Home Care Products Processing SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
43 Community Empowerment for Faciolosis Control in Jones of Isabela SB 164 January 2022- December 2022
1 SAVE OUR SPECIES (SOS0) : Communicating Conservation thru the DDCL MFI 2021-2023 Communication Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Campaign Support for the Establishment of Sanctuaries for Threatened Species in Northeast Luzon SB 164
2 Project CARED  (Caring for the Retied, elderly and People with Disability) SB 164
3 Multimedia Programming and Podcasting: The Reinvention of Radio SB 164
4 Development of MASSIPI Watersshed as Cabagan Agri-Ecotourism Park: ISUC-LGU Partnership Project SB 164
5 Kawayanihan Para sa Kaligtasan, Kapaligiran at Pang-Kabuhayan ni Juan SB 164
6 Achieving Resilient, Sustainable and Poductive Ecosystems and Livelihood through Climate Resilient Technologies
7 Tomato Talk: Empowering in Tomato Producing Communities Through Entrepreneurship
8 Usapang Pang-Kaunlaran sa Himpapawid Sayatipikong Pagtalakay sa Larangan Agrikultura, Kapaligiraan, Sosyal at iba pa
9 Development of Sustainable High Value Vegetable Production in Cabagan, Isabea Gulyan sa Barangay Towards Food Security Amidst COVID-19
10 ISU on Peace & Order and Public Safety (POPS) of LGU -Cabagan
11 Project REFOCUS: Refocusing Efforts through Technology Support and Livelihood for Development
12 Project Red:  Redesigning Workflow towards a Sustainable Efficient School Ecosystem
13 Pagkakabute Para sa Magandang Buhay: An Alternative Livelihood Program
14 Ist Povincial Research Proposal and Publication Writeshop in the Fields of Biological Sciences and Allied Sciences (DNAS-CDCAS-ISU DETS in cooperation with BIOTA Phil Inc.)
15 Competency Enhancement on Basic Microscopy & Laboratory Techniques of Senior High Science Teachers in Isabela
16 Psychological First and Training-Workshop: A Response in the New Normal
17 Publish and Profit: Training and Coaching Aspiring Faculty Researchers on Research Publishing
18 Adopt-A-School Program
19 Entrepreneurial Development Program on Garments, Handicrafts and Candle Making
20 Upgrading Skills for Catering Business Among Members of Cabagan  Green Ladies Association and Entrepreneurship
21 Livelihood Skills Development Project: Basic to intermediate baking skills transfer
22 Training in Organic Agriculture Regulations and Participatory Guarantee System
23 Capability Building of Small Farmers thru Agricultural Crops Production NC II Training
24 Promotion of Sustainable Rice Production System in Rain-fed Areas thru Participatory Technology Demonstration in Sta. Maria and Tumauini, Isabela
25 Skills Upgrading Program for Rice Farmers under Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund
26 Empowering Rice Farmers thru training on Production of High-Quality Inbred Rice, Seed Certification and Farm Mechanism under System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
27 Empowering Rice Farmers  through training on AgroEntrepreneurship NC II and Book Keeping NC III under Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund
28 Rice Productivity Value Chain Upgrading Skills Training for Rice Farmer under Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund
29 Empowering Dairy Raisers in Cabagan, Isabela through Dairy Production and Processing Training
30 Empowering Animal Raisers of Tumauini, Isabela through Animal Production and Animal Healthcare and Management
31 Capacitating Community People Through a Training Program for Local Government Units and Peoples Organization of Northern Isabela
32 Articulating Electoral Interest of Grassroots Organization through Existing Extension Network towards Electoral Agenda
33 Community Learning Tech Hubs in Northern Isabela: Creating Equity and Access to Education
34 Capacitating Community People through Trainings and Technical Assistance for Local Governement Units (LGUs) and Peoples Organizations (Pos) of Isabela and Cagayan
1 Bayle Kultura De Isabela : A Dance -Training Workers of the Different Cultural Dances of Isabela for the Performance of LGU Cauayan City and Non Government Organization 49,950.00 SB 164 January 2022-December 2023
2 One CBM Community Empowerment 50,000.00 SB 164 January 2022-December 2023
3 Pato Manok at Gulay, Maka-kabuteng Pangkabuhayan
4 Public Order, Law Intervention and Community Empowerment An-Extension-Based Project for Community Development
5 Tulong Dunong sa Kawaning Gobyerno ng Isabela
6 Establishment of Laboratory for Pure Culture and Mushroom Production for Extension and Commercial Production
7 AMBISYON  2030: Transforming the Depressed,Oppressed, Poor and Exploited (DOPE) Communities in the Province of Isabela
8 Munting Paaralan-Scaffolding Young People Towards Holistic Development: An Extension Program of the College of Education, Isabela State University Cauayan Campus
9 Paghahandog ng CaSerbisyong Panlipunan  sa Drug at Youth Reformists ng Balay Silangan at Bahay Pag-asa sa Sitio Manalpaan, San Pablo, Cauayan City, Isabela
10 Partnership Among Local Resource Intitutes (POLARIS)
11 Integrated and Mutual Police and Academe Collaboration (IMPAC): ISU Cauayan RDET Initiatives for PNP Cauayan City
1 Barangay Health Workers Training on Chronic and Acute Body Pain Phase 2
2 PFA for AFP: Capacitating the Soldiers with Skills in Responding to their Psychological Needs in the aftermath of war.
Barangay Healthcare Worker Literacy Program
Komyunidad Linangin,TradeTraining Dalhin: A Community Empowerment Project Amidst COVID Pandemic Through Short-Term Trade-Technical Trainings in the Adopted Barangays of ISU-Ilagan
Revisit “Adopt A Church Project”
SOM BHEST (Strengthening Obstetric for Mothers in the Barangay for Healthcare Enhancement and Sustenance)
Project BeCAHS (Beauty Care & Hair Services) Enhancement Training
The Project SPEAR: Acing Health and Fitness
Fostering Information Technology and Technical training Skills via Job opportunities in the Barangays (FITTS-JOBs)
Ibahagi ang Talino ng IT: Developing Resilient Community and of barangay Mangcuram, City of Ilagan, Isabela to New Normal Learning Environment
Empower Women by Handicraft and Clothing Up-cycling Training
Puno ng Malunggay sa Barangay
Towards a Research Responsive Teachers (TARRT) Writing and Conducting Research Capability Building
Project TEACH (Train Every Abandoned Child: a Journey Towards Life Skills & Wellness
Lingkod Bayan Bayanihan 1.0: A collaborative Project for the Capability Building Enhancement of ISU-Stakeholders
Kabataang Ilagueno Linangin para sa Organisadong Serbisyo at Pangkabuhayan Asensado: an Education and Livelihood skills Training Program to Empower the Sanguniang Kabataan of the City of Ilagan
Competency Program: Building A Scientist Empire Through Research Technical Know-How & Advancement in Higher Education
Gabay sa Unang Lakbay Program: a Collaborative Project of ISUI Faculty and Students’ Body Organizations for Grade 1 Pupils
Hands-on Learning Enhancement Program (HELP): A Community- Based Learning Intervention for Elementary Pupils by ISU-Ilagan Pre-Service Teachers
ISU-AKAP (ISU-katuparan ang akayat at Pagkalinga): A healthy & Wellness Program For Senior Citizens in the City of Ilagan
Project 1: From Rags to Riches: Environmental awareness and Wastes Management Techniques for a Livelihood Enterprise
Barangay Management and Administration Development
Education and Skills Training for the Public agency Personnel in the City of Ilagan
Earning while Waiting (Phase 2) : A livelihood Enterprise Development Program for Persons Deprived of Liberty of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology -City of Ilagan, Isabela
Project “ROGER” Rebuild, Overhaul, Generate income thru motorcycle, Engine Servicing and Repair.
1 PROJECT CAVE 50,000.00
2 PROJECT MAESTRA : Materializing Academic Edge through Seminars, Training and other Related Activities
3 Gabay ng Kabataan, Susi sa Magandang Kinabukasan
4 Basic Computer Operation Literacy Phase II
5 Computer System Servicing Training for Out of School Youth (Dunong para sa Mamamayan ng San Mateo)
6 Processing of Mungbean: An Innovative Product of Black Gold
7 Sining ng Paghahalaman Sagot sa Hapagkainan
8 Manok’an , Patohan, sa Goat sa Pangkabuhayan
Solusyon ni (JEENA) JOB and Economic Enhancement Alternatives: An Economic Development Opportunity Program for Residents of San Mateo Isabela
Designing and Construction of Egg Incubator
Dagdag Kita: Proyektong Pangkabuhayan Mag Aahon sa Kahirapan
Hanap Buhay mula sa araw
Pangkabuhayan ng mga Ilaw ng Tahanan: Tulong sa Haligi ng Tahanan para sa pag angat ng pamilya
1 Season Long Training of Farmers on Vegetable Production
2 TEACH To REACh (Training and Education to Advocate Contextual and Happy Learning to Redefine Education Amid Challenges in the Basic Education Community)
3 Managing Through Emergency and Disaster with Android Application: A Skills Development Training for Men and Women Barangay Officials and Tanods
4 Training and Technology Promotion of Off-Season Vegetable Production
5 Capability Building Project for Raisers Goat Production in Jones, Isabela
Mental Wellness Program for Jones, Isabela Frontliner Workers amidst Pandemic
Psychological Intervention Program for Teenage Pregnancy and Teenage Mother Recuperations
Establishment and Implementation of Learning Site for Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT)
1 Technology Transfer of Installation and Maintenance of Economically Viable & Upgradable Hybrid Photovoltic System for Households
2 Capacity Building of the Adopted Secondary School in Angadanan
3 Product Development & Skills Training on “Kalapay, Pitaka & Vase
4 Fruit Wine Making of ISU-Angadanan Campus
5 Gender Responsive Actions for Transformation (MISSION: GREAT)
Program for the Less Served Individuals (PLSI) : An Extension Program of the Polytechnic School of ISU-Angadanan
Food Safety and Livelihood During Pandemic Thru Smart and Home Vegetable Gardening
Project Epolice: Empowered Police Officers through Literacy Improvement in Computer Education
Sining Tanghal sa Eskuwela
Literacy Tutorial Instruction on the determined subjects to be tutored for Calabayan Elementary School
Kalapay, Pitaka & Vase: KPV Advocacy
Career Headway: Examination’s Review for Government Employee
Road Users Traffic Education in the Municipality of Roxas, Isabela
Strategies for improving Criminologist Licensure Examination Performance
Capacity Building on the ICT Knowledge and Skills on Both Hadrware and Software Application for BJMP Personnels and Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs)
Gateway to Darkness: ISU ROXAS intervention to MCIA community of Matusalem, Roxas, and Isabela
Gender and Development Project: Increasing Rural Women Participation in the Fisheries Post-Harvest Livelihood
1 Boosting Life, Research and Instruction through ICT Program of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology 31,148.27 SB 164 January-December 2022
2 Climate Change Resiliency: A Community Based Agricultural Products Livelihood and Enterprise Development of Adopted Barangays of ISU San Mariano (Phase 2) 50,000.00 SB 164 January-December 2022
3 Gender and Development Awareness/Advocacy Program of ISU San Mariano (Phase 2) 50,000.00 SB 164 January-December 2022
4 Local Youth
Engagement and Development Program
104,949.00 SB 164 January-December 2022
5 NEPANG: Negosyong Pangkabuhayan Tungo sa Kaunlaran: An Entrepreneurial Capacity Building Among the Men and Women of the Adopted Barangays 50,399.75 SB 164 January-December 2022
6 RISE and RAISE Project: Reviving Interest for Skill Empowerment through Reading Activities for Intellectual Skill Excellence Cum Leadership Enhancement Sessions: A Capability Building for the SK Officials and Members in the Municipality of San Mariano 41,986.00 SB 164 January-December 2022
7 Project SEPAK (SErbisyong PAngkabuhayan at Kaagapay): A Livelihood Enterprise Project in Maximizig the Locally Available Lubeg fruits 94,588.94 SB 164 January-December 2022
8 Upscaling Native Chicken Production Towards Profitable Enterprise for Male and Female Farmers of ISU San Mariano Through Poultry Multiplier Farm 25,988.14 SB 164 January-December 2022
9 Work Attitudes and Values Enhancement (WAVE) 19,697.00 SB 164 January-December 2022
10 WHOLE Project: Writing for Hope through Obedience, Labor and Effectiveness Cum IT Literacy Sessions for San Mariano and Benito Soliven Barangay Secretaries and Treasurers 20,166.00 SB 164 January-December 2022