Academic Programs

BS in Information Technology

with three exit points:

Certificate in Computer Hardware Servicing

Certificate in Computer Programming

Certificate in Computer Graphics and Animation 


The Institute of Information and Communication Technology provides each student an equal opportunity to develop their computer skills based on the current relevant curricula. This scholastic preparation associated with different extra-curricular activities and other related matters in research, extension, and resource generation are necessary to build knowledge and experience to establish a powerful foundation in computer and Information system. Through this, the Institute  shall produce technologically-oriented, globally competent and effective IT graduates imbued with moral values in their chosen profession.

The Information Technology Education prepares student’s to be professional and globally competitive. Specifically, by the time they graduate are envisioned to:

  1. Implement actual experience in abstract and analytical processes;
  2. Manifest the personal and social values;
  3. Apply technical skills in computer operation;
  4. Apply appropriate concepts and principles of the profession;
  5. Adopt to the modern work environment and;
  6. Posses practical knowledge of how Information System (IS) are being operationalized, managed, administered, conceptualized, designed, developed, implemented and maintained.


BS in Agriculture - Ladderized