Quality Policy

Legal Mandate

  • AO 161: Institutionalization of Quality Systems in Government
  • EO 605: Instittionalizing the sturucture, mechanisms and standards to implement government quality management program (amending for purpose AO 161, s 2006)


  • The Isabela State University, a University for People and Nature, is committed to provide quality instruction and attain academic excellence in order to develop professionally and globally competent graduates, equip with moral values through continuous improvement of delivery services.

To uphold the commitment, ISU shall:

  1. Enhance the University's role as a source of globally competitive manpower through its relevant and regularly updated curricula;
  2. Promote student's welfare and satisfaction through the implementation of efficient and effective student services;
  3. Ensure quality teaching performance by hiring highly qualified faculty and pursue a sustainable faculty development program;
  4. Develop and improve instructional materials books facilities and equipment;
  5. Comply with standards set by relevant statutory, regulatory and accrediting bodies;
  6. Continuously review and gather feedback in the implementation of policies and procedures as basis for improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS).