Library Policies

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Monday—Friday : 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.



1. All bonafide students of the institution.

2. Officials, faculty members and employees of the institution.

3. Members of other educational institutions and other private individuals            granted

   permission by the librarian.


1. School ID

  • A student needs duly registered School ID to be entitled to the use of library. The student should pin or wear their IDs upon entering the library. School ID’s are non-transferable. Any student borrowing or lending his/her School ID will be deprived of library privileges.

1st violation – confiscation of School ID of the borrower and the owner. Both cannot borrow books for two (2) weeks.

2nd violations – Confiscation of School ID. Both cannot borrow or use the library for one (1) month.

3rd violation – Confiscation of School ID, non-readmission to the library for the whole semester.

  • Tampered School ID will be confiscated and the owner will be deprived of library privileges.
  • Outside researchers are allowed to use the library upon presentation of any legitimate ID and referral letters from the librarian of the institution where they come from.
  • Loss of School ID. School ID is a pass to many facilities in the institution. Loss of School ID deprives the students of the use of the library. Secure a school ID from the CBAO.

2. Borrower’s Card

  • A student will be issued a borrower’s card upon enrolment. The card must be used every time a student borrows library materials from the library.
  • The borrower’s card is non–transferable. Borrowing or lending of Borrower’s card would result to loss of library privileges.
  • Re-issued borrower’s card costs twenty pesos (P20.00).


Courtesy demands the strict observation of the following within the library premises:

  1. Noise must be minimized. Moving aimlessly around the library should be avoided.
  1. A student who borrows books/periodicals must assume full responsibility for the proper care of the borrowed library materials. A book/periodical must not be marked, defaced or mutilated. Cases of dishonesty, defacement and damaging library materials are covered by the ISU Student Handbook which provides disciplinary action.
  1. Any student who borrows books/periodicals should examine the borrowed materials for any missing or torn pages and report the matter immediately before leaving the counter. Failure to do so shall be considered an offense by the student and may be dealt with accordingly.
  1. Any student with unsettled library accounts will be deprived of his/her

Library privileges until such obligation will be settled.

  1. Eating and loud conversations inside the library are strictly prohibited.

6. Cell phones must be put off or must be in silent mode.

7. Avoid taking any library material without having it charged to you by the Librarian or any staff of the library. Persons who take out library materials without permission will be dealt with accordingly.

8. Help keep the library neat and orderly by returning chairs in their proper places. Cleanliness of the reading area should be always observed.

9. Use the book properly. Avoid moistening your fingers to turn the pages, nor make use of the book as a purse.

  1. Smoking inside the library is absolutely prohibited.
  1. Sleeping or taking a nap in the library is strictly prohibited.
  1. Persons using the library must comply with the rules and regulations of the library.


1. Entry to the Library

  1. Library users are required to sign/register on the designated logbook upon entering the library.
  1. They may bring only their pens, writing papers and reading materials including valuables (wallet, calculators, cell phones, etc.). The library is not liable for any loss of personal valuables.
  • When leaving the library one must:

a. Return the chair properly under the table.

b. Return the books/periodicals to their proper places.

2. Borrowing books

a. Consult the card catalog. Fill out the call slip, copying carefully all the required information about the book (author, title, etc.).

b. Present the call slip with your borrower’s card at the charging desk and sign the book card properly.

3. Home use books/overnight books

  1. Lending out of books for home/overnight use starts one (1) week after the first day of the regular classes during the semester and summer.
  1. Books for overnight use are issued at 3:00 p.m. or two (2) hours before closing time and to be returned the following morning from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.
  1. Books for home use (1 week) are issued anytime during library hours. These are fiction books/novels.
  1. One (1) book is allowed for overnight use and one (1) for home use.
  1. Faculty members and staff are allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books for one (1) week only.
  1. Faculty and staff (regular and contractual) members will not be issued clearance unless they return all their borrowed books.
  1. In case of lost/damaged library materials, the matter must be reported immediately to the librarian.
  1. A clean or new copy of the same title, author/s, and edition of the lost or damaged book may be accepted in lieu of the replacement cost.
  1. If the lost/damaged book or periodical is out of print, the cost of xerographic copy shall be charged plus the binding and processing fee.
  1. The lost/damaged library materials must be paid/replaced within thirty (30) days.

4. Books and other materials not for home use/overnight use

  • Library materials not for home use/overnight use are general references (like encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.), unpublished materials (like undergraduate theses, graduate theses, dissertations, periodicals and other non – book materials. These materials are for “room use” only or they may be used within the library premises.

5. Photocopying

  • Students are allowed to photocopy library materials for thirty (30) minutes except encyclopedia, dictionary and unpublished materials (theses, dissertations).


  1. Students will not be allowed to borrow books for home/overnight use one (1) week before the examination during the regular semester.
  2. No special permission will be honored after the last day of lending out books.


Aside from paying the overdue fines, the student who has incurred an overdue will be subject to the following sanctions:

                        1st offense – warning

2nd offense – 1 week suspension from borrowing books for home/                 overnight use.

3rd offense – 2 weeks suspension from borrowing books for home/

                       overnight use


1. Borrowed books must be returned promptly on or before 9:00 a.m. the following day.

2. Delay in returning a book at appointed time may adversely affect another reader. A student who fails to return the borrowed books on time shall pay (P5.00) peso per hour/ P40.00 for each full day.

3. A student’s library privileges are forfeited and clearance will not be issued until the overdue accounts are paid.


1. Any lost/damaged library materials must be reported immediately to the librarian.

2. A lost or damaged library material must be paid according to its current value, accrued fines, and a processing fee of fifty (P50.00) pesos.

3. A clean or new copy of the same title, author/s, and edition of the lost or damaged book may be accepted in lieu of the replacement cost.

  1. If the lost/damaged book or periodical is out-of-print, the cost of xerographic copy shall be charged plus the binding and processing fee.
  1. The lost/damaged library materials must be paid/replaced within thirty (30) days.


Walk-in researchers must present their IDs and referral letters from their librarians.

  1. Students coming from the Isabela State University campuses are free of charge when researching to any ISU campus Library.
  2. Non-ISU students shall be charged with a minimal research fee as follows:

B.1 P20.00/head for undergraduate students

B.2 P30.00/head for professionals including graduate students