CRDC birthed from the DA-BAR-funded project on cacao in the valley as spearheaded by ISU. It is dedicated in the research, development, and extension of generated cacao information and technologies.
The center undertakes R & D/E considering related problems on cacao from production, processing and utilization. It also aims to provide cacao farmers/growers a package of technology based on the results of research conducted by the center. Through this center, 329 farmers have adopted cacao technologies and 21 Agricultural Extension Workers in Region 02 have been trained to be trainors on cacao production to processing.

Outputs of the Center:

  • Continuous propagation of cacao seedlings through sexual and asexual reproduction. To date, 3,700 cacao seedlings have been propagated.
  • Identification of suitable cacao varieties adapted to agro-climatic condition of the region. The Center has been maintaining the growth of ten cacao varieties planted that could be used in the identification of appropriate variety in Region 02.
  • Continuous propagation of cacao seedlings utilizing the 4 varieties adapted in Region 2.Varieties of IBR 25, UF 18, PBC 123 and UIT 1 adapted to agro-climatic condition of Region 02 are being propagated
  • Continuous promotion of cacao products