A total of 106 candidates for graduation from the whole ISU system will march up the stage to receive earned academic honors for SY 2014-2015 during the recognition day in the different campuses this April. Topping the list is BS Accountancy major Benigno Jose I. Bernardo from the Echague campus who garnered a Grade Weighted Average of 1.281 and will be conferred the Magna Cum Laude honor. ISU Echague will confer the most number of academic honors as it will graduate five Magna Cum Laudes and 32 Cum Laudes. ISU Cauayan will recognize 35 candidates with Cum Laude honor; ISU Cabagan  will recognize one Magna Cum Laude  and 15 Cum Laudes; Roxas 12 Cum Laudes; Ilagan three Cum Laudes; Jones two Cum Laudes; and Angadanan  one Cum Laude.