The Isabela State University Library was founded simultaneously with the merging of the former Isabela State College of Agriculture with the Cagayan Valley Institute of Technology on June 10, 1978 and transferring the college level courses of Isabela School of Arts and Trades, Jones Rural School, Roxas Memorial Agricultural and Industrial School and San Mateo Vocational and Industrial School to be known as the Isabela State University on January, 2002.

            At present, the Isabela State University has ten (10) campuses, each with its own campus library, and some with college libraries. These libraries are maintained primarily to serve the academic needs of students and faculty.

D.1.  Location of Libraries

        D.1.1.   Main Library – ISU Echague Campus, Echague, Isabela

              The Main Library and Its Special Sections.  It consists of:

Main Reading Room - This area is intended for reading and study.  It is also provided with current issues of newspapers.

Reserved Books Section – Books designated by members of the faculty as required and collateral readings for their subject courses are placed in this section.

Filipiniana/Theses Section - This section includes doctoral dissertations, masteral and undergraduate theses, books on the Philippines and written by Filipinos.  These materials are loaned at the charging desk in that particular section.  Theses are for room use only.  Filipiniana books are loaned for overnight subject to renewal if no prior requests have been made for them.

General Collection – This section, comprising the bulk of the library collection, includes books of universal or general treatment in all fields such as philosophy, religion, social sciences, languages, pure sciences, applied sciences, fine arts, literature, geography, biography and history.  Unless they have been designated as Reserved Books, these books are loaned at the charging desk for overnight, subject to renewal if not in demand.

Reference Section – This section contains general and specialized reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, gazetteers, guidebooks, yearbooks and almanacs, biographical sources, handbooks and manuals, directories, bibliographies and catalogs.  While these books are on open access, they should be loaned at charging desk.  Reference books are for room use only.

Periodicals Section – This section contains of local and foreign journals, magazines and newspapers.  Current issues are displayed alphabetically by title on magazine racks.

A vertical file (a collection of clippings, pamphlets and other ephemera) is also found in this section.  This is arranged alphabetically by subject in folders in the vertical cabinet.  

Technical Service Section – This section is a place where books are catalogued and classified and where books are accessioned and mechanically prepared.

University Librarians’ Office – This office is found before the Technical Service Section.

Internet Room – This room is found adjacent to the depository counter.  An internet room is provided for a faster access to information.  Twenty (20) computer units and one (1) printer are provided.  A computerized catalog or an On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is also provided for searching books available in the main library.

Audio-Visual Room - This room is a place where equipment for film viewing like LCD, Television, and Laptop, Component, DVD player and CDs are housed.  This room is also provided with more than 50 seats for student’s film viewing and this room is also utilized for seminars, etc.

Depository Counter – This counter is a place where students baggage be deposited before they can enter into any sections of the main library.      

        D.1.2.   ISU Roxas Campus – New Site Library at Rang-ayan, Isabela;
  Old Site Library at Matusalem, Roxas, Isabela

         D.1.3.   ISU San Mateo Campus, San Mateo, Isabela

        D.1.4.   ISU Ilagan Campus, Ilagan, Isabela

        D.1.5.   ISU Cabagan Campus, Cabagan, Isabela

        D.1.6.   ISU Cauayan, Campus, Cauayan, Isabela

        D.1.7.   ISU Jones Campus, Jones, Isabela

        D.1.8.   ISU Angadanan Campus, Angadanan, Isabela

        D.1.9.   ISU San Mariano Campus, San Mariano, Isabela

        D.1.10  ISU Palanan Campus, Palanan, Isabela

Isabela State University

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