Efforts toward amalgamation in the region have produced the following outputs.

  • Birth of Cagayan Valley Regional University System (CVRUS) commenced with the formation of Cagayan Valley Region Philippine Association of State
  • Universities and Colleges, Inc. in 2011
  • Consultations, conferences and workshops on the feasibility and acceptability of CVRUS was held in 2012
  • Drafted the proposal titled “Master Planning and Capability Building Program and Complementation/Amalgamation for SUCs of Region 02” which was approved for funding in 2013
  • Formulated pre-amalgamation framework for the Institutional Mobilization Fund Deliverables
  • Hosted June 9, 2016 Regional Meeting, restructuring amalgamation – Region 02
  • Organization of Local Task Force
  • Identification of Niche Programs
  • Plan for Program Complementation