Over the years, the Isabela State University has offered quality academic programs/projects and activities to address the following concerns, to wit: (1) rationalization of programs particularly the relevance of instruction pursuant to SUC levelling; (2) upgrading of quality of education; (3) enhancement of quality assurance through outcomes-based and typology based quality assurance; (4) promotion of program quality standards; (5) broadened access to quality programs.

Broadened Access to Education

·      Increased Enrolment

            Since SY 2012-2013, the University had continuously enjoyed an upward trend in enrolment as depicted below:


Figure 2. Course enrolment was 30,900 in SY 2012-2013 and is now 38, 441 as of the

first semester of SY 2015-2016.


The increasing pattern of enrolment is due mostly to University’s vigorous wide-ranging career campaign efforts to promote its curricular offerings in almost all secondary schools in the region. Scholarships from national political leaders also drew more college students to enrol.