Name of Total Source Date
Project Nature of Project Cost Fund Started Status
1. Student Rest Rooms - Construction of Left wing        337,328.00 SDF  1/8/2014 Completed
      (New site)    Rest Room for female and
  repair/renovation of existing
  rest room  for male students.
2. Library - Old site Repair of dilapidated Science     1,210,560.37 F-164 March, 2014 Completed
  Building Library
3. Library  -Midsite Construction of partitions &           75,512.23 F-164  7/21/14 Completed
  ceilings of room intended for
  Mini -library
4. Conference room & 2 installation of ceilings and        185,446.72 F-164 7/23/2014 Completed
       classroom repair   electrical wirings
5. Computer Room  ( Old site) repair of dilapidated ceilings 17204.31 F-164 7/9/2014 Completed
  of old library converted to
  lComputer Lab. Room.
6. Classroom Rehabilitation Repair of right and left wings        300,406.50 F-164  8/1/14 For Funding
    (Old site)   of the dilapidated Vo-Ag. Bldg. (For completion
  w/ 4 classroom purposes.  of ceilings and
  wirings instal-
7. Classroom Rehabilitation repair of main building of        703,150.79 F-164 10/1/2014 For Funding
       (Old site)  dilapidated Vo-Ag. Bldg. w/ (For completion
 5 rooms intended for class-  of ceilings and
 room purposes.   electrical
  wirings instal-


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