Dr. Ross Galan, an alumnus of the Cagayan Valley Institute of Technology (now ISUC) facilitated the  seminar-workshop on emotional intelligence on December 16-18, 2014 at Cagayan Valley Center for Program in Environment Development (CCVPED), Isabela State University, Cabagan, Isabela.

Dr. Galan, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Spiritual Life Coach, began his talk by defining emotional intelligence as the ability to channel our emotions and feelings correctly. He cited that in dealing with our emotions, we must utilize them with adequate behaviors, direct them towards desired object, influence empathy and share our achievements.

He emphasized that the more you resist change, the more it persists. He clarified, when you do something, you have to do it now. He compared this statement with the idea of commitment. For instance, when people make promises, they have to fulfill their promises by hook or by crook. “It is showing respect to individual’s time and space,” he explained.

Moreover, he said that human beings become responsible of what they choose- either they choose to be a victim or they choose to feel a victim. If people choose to become a victim, guilt and resentment come along the way. In order to resolve these emotional issues, one must understand, accept and forgive himself. That individual must learn to forgive and let go.

He further stressed on giving and receiving. “When we give, don’t expect something in return. Learn to say good things about people and don’t look at the fault in people,” he said.

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