• Eddielyn A. Morfe-TOP 3, 2018 CPA Licensure Examination

  • Melvin U. Estolero-TOP 10, 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers

  • Ryan C. Ancheta-TOP 3, 2017 Agricultural Engineering Licensure Examination

  • Yves Christian Vea Floresca-TOP 4, 2017 Veterinarian Licensure Examination

  • Joy M. Raiz-TOP 4, 2017 Licensure Examination for Agriculturist

  • Nover B. Esteban-TOP 8, 2016 Licensure Examination for Teachers

  • Dr. Joel M. Alcaraz, 2017-Presidential Lingkod Bayan Awardee

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The university seal is the unifying theme evoking wisdom and positive virtues and qualities that can be attached or displayed with pride in every object of communication – letters, websites, products, billboards, banners, etc., is a trademark of identification and ownership and an assurance of quality and excellence so identified with ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY.

The New University Seal was created with elements associated with symbolic meanings. The following describe these symbolisms from the use of space, objects, text, and colors in the making of the seal.

Space allocation: The circular is divided into two areas the ratio of which is patterned after the golden ratio – a ratio symbolic of beauty, balance, and perfection. The nine golden rays of the sun emanate from the core center of the circle and each ray cuts an angle of 24.72 degrees for a total of 222.5 degrees. The other area cuts an angle of 137.5 degrees. The ratio of smaller area to bigger one is 0.168 is referred to among the Greeks as the Golden ratio. The radius of small circle cuts that of the bigger one dividing into two segments exhibiting the Golden Ratio even as it does for their areas. Objects divided using this ratio exhibits an excellent proportion that produces beauty, balance, and equity.

Isabela State University SealColor scheme: In some cultures, yellow is associated to observed cowardice. Among the Japanese, it is the symbol of courage. Other cultures use the color to emphasize care and hope. The use of the Golden Yellow seal symbolizes humility amidst greatness, a hidden power that drives hope for greatness in the future. Precisely it is the color of early morning sunshine that beats darkness and illuminates the greatness of space and the vastness of what it contains even the golden rays of the early morning sun gives the feeling of elation and hope for a better day. It gives hope and life as water is one of the four basic elements of nature bears the color yellow .it depicts in the seal that education illuminates the world from and break the bondage of ignorance; it is the great equalizer that empowers humankind that brings about goodness of life.

  • Bright Red is the color of energy. It symbolizes the strength of its drive and commitment to its vision and mission. Red is the Chinese color of good business relation. While it symbolizes energy and strength, it is consistently used among cultures to seek or ask for restraint, danger, and help. Restraint is symbolic of accountability and as a state institution, of public accountability – public trust, public service. The bright red color denotes the university‟s quest for and responsible exploitation of knowledge – information, skills, and technologies.
  • The Leaf Green color in its various hues is the color of life and intelligence – the environment: people, the flora and fauna and all the intelligence of the elements of their ecologies exhibit. Its use in the seal is symbolic of the university‟s original mandate in agriculture and forestry education and now as a comprehensive university, it depicts the character of the institution as the University for People and Nature.
  • The Brown Color is a versatile foundation of many colors. It is the color of the earth, a strong foundation from which to build upon. It is symbolic of capacity and strength in unity – binding all the elements of the institution together. Brown is also the color of acceptance symbolic of the university‟s inclusive character inviting the participation of many without discrimination to build a synergy that can build wisdom and positive virtues.
  • Deep Blue is the color of confidence and security. Aside from red for good business relations, blue is used by banks to create the feeling of security and confidence among its clients. The blue skies is seen as one that binds the universe in peace, and giving it the promise of a vibrant good life. Its use in the seal symbolizes Integrity as one of the valued institutional character.


The green fields represent the potentials of the university from where many will be built and grown. The vanishing horizon spells out an unlimited arena for academic activities as well as the boundless extend of what knowledge and products can bring.

The torch with the acronym of the university, ISU, as its burning red hot flames depict the institution‟s energy and dedication to its mission. It shares the rays of its illuminating lights rays with the sun‟s rays depicting the university as one of the leading universities enlightening this world through education.

The shapes of concentric circles holding every element of the seal symmetric to their common center is a symbol of balance and academic neutrality. The outermost one is of rope spliced throughout its length of no distinguishable end strips symbolizes the strength and unity of the elements therein. The institution‟s official name, ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY wrapped around it beginning from.

Overall, the SEAL is a simple uncomplicated creation that evokes integrity, intelligence, excellence, beauty, energy, unity, peace and hope as it depicts an institution – a University for People and Nature, Keeping Faithful to its past and steadfast building a great future for people and the environment.

Isabela State University

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