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The College OfArts and Sciences was established in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 1434 issued on June 10, 1978, stipulating among others the establishment of the Isabela State university, which shall provide quality education in the arts, sciences, as well as, in the technological and professional filds not only in Isabela but also in Region 02 as a whole.

From its inconspicuous beginning in 1980, the offie of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was in the University Center, Echague Campus, where the dean use to supervise six academic departments, namely: a.) Languages Department, b.) Philosophical Sciences Department, c.) Behavioral Sciences Department, d.) Life Sciences Department, e.) math Physics and Statistics Departmen5t, and f.) Chemistry Department. The dean of the college used to report directly to the Provost of Echague (Main) Campus.

However, in 1982, the College of Arts and Sciences was formally organized. The dean and the chairmen of the various departments were formally designated by the university president. In that year, it began offering programs namely: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor ofArts in English and Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Physics. Simultaneously, the college started to provide a common general education background for all prospective undergraduate students regardless of their professional courses.

In its earnest desire to meet suffiiently the growing demands particularly the needs of the students pursuing higher education, in Region 02, the college of Arts and Sciences realized its plans and achieved its goals to contribute substantially to the solution of many of the country’s socio-economic problems. At present, the college has four departments namely: Languages, Social Sciences, Biological sciences and mathematics and Physical Sciences. It is tasked to provide all students in the university with the basic knowledge in humanities, arts, and natural and social sciences, thereby producing professionals in the filds of Biology, mathematics, English and Psychology.

Being aware of the higher learning that an institution has, aside from its obligations to society of preserving and disseminating the intellectual heritage of mankind, and also the duty of widening the horizons of knowledge, the College of Arts and Sciences in 1994 and 1998 had successfully hurdled the fist and second level of Accreditation in all different degree programs, namely: Bachelor of Arts, major in English and Psychology, bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, respectively.

 Cognizant to the role of the Association ofAccredited College and Universities of the Philippines (AACUP) in upgrading quality education in the tertiary level, the college ofArts and Sciences is looking forward to satisfy the criteria and standards stipulated in the AACUP Evaluation Instrument.

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